Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some of My Favorite Posts Via My Friends.....

every now and then I like to point out especially interesting & beautiful posts
created by my girlfriends around the world.

not in any particular order, I love them all:

from Eleonora @ Boiserie et C in Rome
a post on the lovliness of blue & white 

& from Pamela Terry @ The House of Edward
 a summer reading list
including this lovely book

from Australia, Virginia of Glamour Drops
talks about how to create a magical bedroom & has an AMAZING GIVEAWAY !!

Glamorous sleepwear from Angads….this would look good with the new glamorous bedroom….

& a NEW BLOG called "The Potted Boxwood"
isn't that a great name?

Christina Dandar

her post today is about "Closet LOVE" & you won't believe what she's found

& last, my darling friend's new e-zine/magazine, Coty Farquhar in Australia

go HERE to see this amazing creation


I've recently read how many women find true and lasting friendships via blogging.
those of us who have stuck with it for years fully realize this as true.

seriously, I miss reading what my girlfriends are doing if I don't blog for awhile...
and I realize we are all the same in our hearts.

alas, summer requires us to step back, regroup, rethink, re-tool, and re-stock our
minds with interesting and current ideas.

so a little vacay is in order around here.

I'll be posting, but not as often as usual, and most will be small snippets of what we're doing
while on holiday.

also on the horizon is a new and better website/blog where you will be able to find 
much easier.

the committment to go forward with luxury items and fine things remains true.

we are in need of a better way, technically, for all this to work...and this is all in process now.

I am very gratified with so much support from my readers and our new
will be able to handle special discounts given to my readers ONLY.

please let me know what you think of this, I need all the input I can get
from you guys.

in September, "By Invitation Only" will return with brilliance & pizazz!!

also Splenderosa will have trunk shows in Houston beginning September and
continuing through the Fall/Holiday season, 
showing our fine Italian Leather Handbags & Semi-Precious Jewelry.

it takes a lot of blood, sweat & tears for all of this to come together!!!

love to all 



Chiara T. said...

That little dress..is so cute!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Elizabeth Day said...

I am so glad to hear that you have finalized your decisions about your blog/merchandise showcase. I am excited to see the new and exciting changes. Enjoy your holiday and I also look forward to hearing about that. I have also made blogging "friends" with ladies all over the country such as yourself, who I would have never been privileged to know outside this great big blogging world. And we are both southern gals to boot.

Lauren said...

I will have to check out those other blogs! Thanks for sharing!


Flora Fascinata said...

Marsha, I love the little friendly comments you've left me here and there, and just love the black and diamanté neck piece I bought from you! I recently loaned it to a performer friend where she won an award on stage! Xx

Glamour Drops said...

Marsha, you are so right about the value of blogging friends. There is absolutely no way that I would have formed the wonderful friendships without blogging, because there is simply no other way to get to "know" people in a different time zone/ culture yet who are on a similar wavelength….unless one were lucky enough to be able to live all over the world at the very same time…Time Machine required!!! It's a wonderful thing. And thank you for including me in your gorgeous list here - woohoo!! I'm off to check out the other links….x

The Permanent Tourist said...

Marsha, I love this post. I wouldn't know you if it weren't for blogging! I never knew, when beginning this journey, how enriched my life would be as a result of connecting with readers all over the world. I wake up each morning to check in on you and other bloggers, comforted when I see each new post arrive in my inbox. It's always a sign that all is well and that all of my friends around the world are creating and sharing.....it's a fabulous life! Can't wait to see your new line!

Gail Peterson said...

Thank you for sharing I will check them out too! Hop eyour enjoying this sweet summer!

Jackie and Joel Smith said...

Enjoy your summer. Look forward to your makeover and return. What a lovely gesture, to feature other favorite posts. Gives me an idea for summer as well.

La Contessa said...

That VITA book is a MUST for me!I too saw it on that site of Edward and his MAMA...........the NEW GIRL in TOWN wrote a beautiful write up about PALM SPRINGS.........and COTY's site with those video's was such a treat!I was fascinated by how they make the tiny fabric flowers!!I seldom look at the GIVEAWAY's as I need zero zip in my minuscule closet these days but I would jump at the chance for that dressing gown from DOWN UNDER!!!AS for Eleonora I must go peek........anyone from ROME is a MUST for me!I married a ROMAN!!!!!!!Happy safe travels......look forward to hearing where and what your up too!XOXO

Colleen Taylor said...

I must take some time out today to check out these delicious looking blogs. That little nightie is so delicate & pretty but with the way I toss & turn, it might be either turned backwards or ripped to shreds by morning...sigh.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

It's always wonderful to hear that our clients are happy with their purchases. That necklace is truly one of my favorites. Thank you for this !!!

Sally said...

Dear Marsha
How beautiful and eloquent your words are today...and here I am still not able to catch up yet after two weeks here and there, but I will. Just to read you again for a few moments is giving me joy and peacefulness.
It is around one year since I found blogs for the first time, what a truly wonderful day that was and I thank you from my heart for all your creativity, generosity and inspirational beauty that you share.
You are a very special person, and I appreciate and LOVE, every moment.
You so deserve a holiday, and lots of time with your lovely family. I hope you have a most beautiful vacation, and if it is to Europe, please do tell me.
I do hope you will take the book on Sissinghurst, for Vita S-W is very special, and she is responsible for much of my gardening...Sissinghurst is truly exquisite. Sarah Raven is her grand daughter in law
I have also read the blog of Eleonora ( in Italian, I must try to improve) another blue and white lover!

With much love to you across the miles
Sally xxxx

La Petite Gallery said...

thanks for transporting me into some Glamour. Love the lace dressing gown, luscious looking.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Such a VERY good news,Marsha!
How I am happy to hear it.... You will to make a new beginning!!!
How excited and how absolutely fantastic is it!
I am so proud of you!!!:)))
And THANKYOU immensely much fir share these links here:) Especially the last one about Dior Theatre Show from China,how breathtaking beautiful all those little treasures,just WOW....

Wish you really happy Summer,dear friend:)

Much love,

Sunday Taylor said...

Such exciting news! And thanks for sharing these links. I will be hopping right over to check them out!

Coty Farquhar said...

Dearest Marsha, Thank you for including me here today with these other wonderful girl's posts. It is funny, I was only thinking of you yesterday when I was working, I must have sensed you were on-line and doing something special.
I hope you have a great summer's break! Winter is here in Australia, but it is quite mild, the ski season opened last weekend, but there is NO SNOW! The buds have even arrived on our fruit trees, so we may be in for an early spring.
Sending love to you and thank you again. xx Coty
p.s. I will talk with you about all your changes in blogging, we too are making many changes here, it's time "right now" to do it!

designchic said...

Some of my favorite blogs and a few new to me…can't wait to visit! Enjoy a little time and can't wait to see what you have in store…