Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top 10 Trends for Fall in My Opinion....

hardly seems fitting that the Spring 2015 shows are underway
and WE are just now embracing Fall/Holiday ourselves.

here in Houston we're embracing torrential downpours so a change in season
MUST be imminent.

not to say we are seeing temps drop, but enough of a change to have me thinking this
past week about what is going to be important in updating our wardrobes.

a new hair-do
this, to me, is one of the most important things on the list of must-do's after the long hot summer.

but, that's not a Fall trend and doesn't count.

taken from Burberry Prorsum the 
huge blanket poncho
51" x 50 "

around here this is almost all we need for winter most of the time,
however, when we travel or when it really freezes here in Texas these pieces
are fabulous as they work well over our coats too.

the super slit skirt

from Balmain at Bergdorf-Goodman
the way I love to see a look finished off:  polished & sleek

everyday leather
don't you love this combo, with the red and tturquoise?
the plaid shirt?

fur accents
on anything/everything

you won't see me in this exact iteration, however, I do have fox flings that I dearly love, and
it's my only nod to fur any longer.  am I forgiven?

I know, could this possibly be true?
but with many shades of gray arriving on the fashion scene too these colors will work well,
and look new, so give it a quick try in front of your mirror.

Louisa Beccaria

ladylike leopard

you guys already know animal prints will NEVER totally go out of fashion anytime soon,
so if you haven't already jumped on board now is the time, seriously.
& every shop from here to China has leopard!


roberto cavalli

Burberry Prorsum
THAT bag is certain to be THE iconic bag of the season
or a variation of that bag, but you know a big tapestry/painted carpetbagging bag of some kind.

Nina Ricci

Mod Squad


the one I love the most

Ralph Lauren Black Label
Tom Ford


Victor & Rolf

also the gray is really really BIG,
perhaps as big as it was about 10-12 years ago, so go into your closets and
see what's back there that will work again, I'll bet you'll be surprised.

Bergdorf-Goodman has a special story on
Gray Matters
check it out HERE

which one will you be wearing ?

some material from Pop-Sugar