Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BLACK is always RIGHT !

every Fall I look at all the trends, the colors, the it-bag-of-the-moment...

you know, just to be a happening girl.

& every Fall I come to the same conclusion,
there is NOTHING LIKE BLACK to make an impact, to get you noticed,
to wear it is to be "fashionably correct" at any time.



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I've just watched the video of Oscar de la Renta's Spring Collection,
and for the 1st 5 minutes his theme was entirely BLACK & WHITE.
lots of low heels, sandals, large pressed acrylic flower necklaces,
big dangling earrings of faux crystals.
once he switched gears he added flowered prints,

 and his
spectacular evening attire.

big point:  


Edun S/S 2015


September 8 2014 | Olivia Palermo | NYFW spring 2015


Alexander Wang S/S 2015


Alexander Wang S/S 2015

my love of black includes black interiors too.
& exteriors as well.


. by green_is_in on Flickr.





Versus Versace spring 2015


The Row Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear
well, maybe this from The Row is actually blue, I can't tell,
but either way it's beautiful isn't it?


Door in Venice, Italy (by Dmitri Korobtsov)

I love these black doors, but if they were mine they would be beautifully restored, polished,
and painted with the shiniest black lacquer paint I could find.


Chado Ralph Rucci S/S 2015


Versus S/S 2015



Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015


Entry, stairway, cha charisma design

all black handbags found in our Splenderosa shop,

I've already fallen into the Fall spirit, at least in the color change of wardrobe pieces,
& I really think a pop of brightness with bag or shoes can work wonders with
good black pieces you already own.

the fresh flowers inside the house are being changed as well.

I'm hoping to show you a few pics of our back garden areas which have been
reworked and are beginning to grow into lushness.

& tomorrow I will show you what I ordered for Fall dressing,
as all of you know that sometimes when the going gets tough the tough go shopping!



Josephine Chicatanyage said...

Thanks for comment. You have some truly stunning bags this season. Looking forward to seeing your fall choices.

Flora Fascinata said...

Marsha, I love black and all its permutations. I am with you. Xx

therelishedroost said...


Elizabeth Day said...

What beautiful examples of black you have shown!

Nancy Roberts said...

Beautiful examples of stylish black! I just adore the dress with the lace insets! What a great shot!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish

Lauren said...

I agree, black is always right! I love all of your picks, they are so stunning!


Tamera Beardsley said...

Another perfectly curated collection my dear! It's always such a delight to visit here my dear!


Constance said...

Hi Marsha,
First let me thank you for your wise and honest long comment yesterday. We have somewhat similar experiences, mine was with a former boyfriend. Glad it is behind both of us!

Then on to your post today, agree! Black on someone with style and flair always looks great!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Marsha,
Black is always a stunning choice and offsetting it with white in it's high contrast adds richness. All your interior photos are wonderful examples.

Glamour Drops said...

That's funny Marsha….at the beginning of our winter (now just gone) I packed away all my colourful clothes and replenished my wardrobe with black, black, and black pieces. With a few cream and white blouses as well. It felt so chic after all the colour of the last few years, and was like welcoming an old friend back from holidays. Now it's spring here, I am still only wanting to wear black and white….what's happening???

Your edited images are all beautifully chic - it makes your case hard to disagree with! x

Jennifer Connolly said...

You and I are in total agreement, as usual!! As you know. Black has always played a significant roll in my decor as well. I love to dot touches of black throughout a room. It keeps the eye moving and adds a touch of glamour. My wardrobe is heavily laced with black basics which make getting dressed so easy. I'm looking forward to seeing those garden photos. I imagine it is spectacular. xo~J

VM Creation Atelier said...

Yes,of course,Marsha!!!
It's absolutely true what do you sais about black&white colors in fashion.....
White color for me is pure LOVE and happiness:) But SO perfectly great feelings when I see tightly cut and perfect shaped black dress with amazing black shoes and stylish bag+ jewelleries!It's blowsme away,really:)))*

Adore black& white in the interiours at home...wel with some details of another color by(makes more lively and not so sterile.
Black& white staying forever color combination which makes outfits classy,elegant and luxury,I think:)*

LOVE you post,

Scribbler said...

Beautiful collection of black and chic. But oh my, that model's feet!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Marsha I love those doors....I know they would look stunning with fresh midnight paint, but I rather like their antique-look too.

Hugs darling friend,
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Black is my favorite color and my wardrobe is mostly blacks. Always elegant and always classic.

Catherine Robinson said...

I agree, Marsha....fabulous images...I love the doors too...polished and restored ;)
Happy Weekend xx

linda said...

Love your images- (agree with all the previous commenters!) as well as the lovely music. Your blog is a little slice of heaven!
-Linda, NY