Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the "100% Mulberry Silk" Scarves are IN THE SHOP !!! GIVEAWAY

having much computer trouble…I JUST HATE THIS !!!
& I have an infection in one of my big toes,
how could anything be more disgusting?

giveaway will be open until I post again,
which at this point may be NEVER!!!

sorry ladies, I am just unable to deal with techy issues,
my son is busy with his business, 
& I guess my toe takes priority.

go HERE to see the original post
& all the different colors,
sizes & prices.

they are as beautiful as we knew they would be,
so soft, so thin, so long & luxurious.

I seriously do not know one woman who wouldn't love one of these
as a gift.

I also don't know one woman who wouldn't want one for herself, of course.

we did not make a big 1st order, and have already sold many of them.

don't despair though, send us an email

& tell us which one you want,
we will send you a PayPal invoice, with a $4.90 shipping charge to USA & Canada addresses,
for international shipments, just tell us what country & we can quote a price to you.

they will be shipped in a small box, gift wrapped if you ask us,
and then in a large padded envelope.

if you're thinking about Christmas please don't wait too long,
it takes 4 weeks for us to receive this merchandise.

just fyi:   the scarves have machine rolled edges, they are lovely.


retail $95.00

To Enter You Must Be A Follower

& You Gotta Leave a Comment

Winner Announced on Monday

wouldn't this make a wonderful gift to someone special?


& now, the beautiful Gisele as seen by Baz Luhrmann
for Chanel

“It’s a thinly veiled expression of her life, “[Gisele] can be incredibly athletic. She has children. She has a very, very significant relationship. She has a career where she can create aspirational, sensual, incredibly glamorous imagery,” said Luhrmann. And yet, he mused, “What’s most important to her, and I think I’m not out of line saying this, is love. That’s what we try to convey in this little film.” “I think Gisele is the perfect symbol of the Chanel woman now. It is about bringing all those aspects to life. It’s a multi-layered woman.” - Baz Luhrmann



  1. Bonjour chère Marsha,

    Ce foulard est tout à fait ravissant et quelle belle apparence il peut apporter ! Nul doute que beaucoup d'entre nous serons tentées d'en posséder un.
    J'aime les foulards et j'en possède toute une merveilleuse collection ! J'ai de la chance de vivre parmi les soyeux.
    Gisèle est une très belle ambassadrice.
    Gros bisous ☼

  2. That scarf is beautiful!


  3. Chanel for always! Yes she is inspirational and my favorite has been Vanessa Paradis though, she is true French goddess and has many talents and knows love((:
    Xo z

  4. Just love Chanel. Infact I have always love her designs. yvonne

  5. OH MY GOSH! Both perfection, sweet Marsha!

  6. What a beautiful scarf, that would be a stunning addition to anyone's wardrobe!

  7. That scarf is amazingly beautiful. I thought I was a follower, because I read every day. :-) Just did the formality, though.

  8. I can just imagine that whisper of silk around my neck! I was recently told when wearing my only pink item (for breast cancer awareness day at work) that it was "my color". As someone who is easily influenced by flattery, I am looking to invest in some pink items. This will be on the list!

  9. What a gorgeous scarf! Purely divine!

    - Talia

  10. These are beautiful. Just don't go near a shredder or meat grinder and stay out of factories or off ski lifts. Don't catch them in the door on your way out and just hope no one chokes you. Make sure you put the ends in the back or under your belt when you're at the appetizer table. The scarves wear the person. Should be the other way around.

  11. Oh Marsha I sure hope your toe is healing! Your giveaway is very generous and I adore pink, feminine and flirty. I would love wearing this beautiful scarf.

  12. I am such a scarf "fanatic" and thought I had all the gorgeous ones possible... so wrong! This scarf is so outstanding that it is deliciously perfect! Thank you for sharing it with us -- it would be even better to win such a prize!


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