Friday, October 24, 2014

Mothers, Daughters & Handbags

Demi with her 2 daughters, Rumer & Tallulah Willis
they really look like their dad, huh?

would you carry this handbag

We have all 3 colors

very smart, very chic,
 Serpentine patterned leather with snake-patterned banding & handles,
with detachable shoulder strap, zip top.

this is a medium sized bag

Boston Style Leather Women Handbag Tote

now for the REALLY good news :

$ 125.00
plus shipping

(we found these as a "special purchase" for new buyers of this line,
so YOU get a big discount too).

to order send us an email, telling us which color & give us your city.

we will send you a PayPal invoice or you may pay us directly by telephone with
any major credit card.

if we sell out we can re-order for you, it takes about 2 weeks for us to receive the goods,
just fyi.

this is probably one of the BEST prices you will ever see for
a genuine leather bag, so do not wait...



  1. They looks really fantastic,Marsha!!!
    And for this price-amazing......
    They are very chic,luxe and absolutely exclusive fashion style!:)))


  2. The price is amazing! is not my personal style but i must say it is a very good looking bag and looks like its WAY more than $125!

  3. YES! They both look like their DAD...........too BAD as the MOTHER is HOT!I did not recognize any of them at first glance...........I am SO out of the LOOP!Does that mean I'm getting OLD!!!!

  4. They look like their Dad ... and they're po'ed! Thanks for the tip on Lainey Gossip - love it - signed up for the newletter. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. That's an interesting bag. I like both the cream color and red, for different reasons. So glad you got your computer kerfuffles fixed, your nice pictures bring pleasure.


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