Monday, October 27, 2014

On The Streets of New York

ladies, this MY idea of great "street style" photography.

who do you think has it the best?

the man or the dog?


Best umbrella ettiquette, spotted on the streets of NYC via /r/aww


Constance said...

Definitely the dog. What a sweet owner! said...

That's just how I feel about my dog!

Katie Clooney said...

LOVE this!!! Too cute for words. Have a wonderful week, sweet Marsha!

Emm said...

There are times that I *really* miss New York!

Lauren said...

This is such a precious photo! I vote the dog but I love the fact that the owner is holding the umbrella over him!


martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Marsha,
Icarus mon dalmatien n'est pas le seul chien heureux et chanceux !... C'est très bien ainsi !

Gros bisous ♡

Karen S Smith said...

You have caught on film the essence of person who owns a dachshund. ..true loyalty ������

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

100% the dog Marsha …. spoilt rotten !!!! XXXX

Michelle said...

Such a sweet captured moment! Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Love this!!!!! I do the same for my pups who hate to get wet!

Anonymous said...

Here's whom I think has it best! The "team" of the man and the dog! The dog inspires the man to put the umbrella over the dog.......(the man has a hood on his jacket).....I grew up with dachshunds.....they just would refuse to go out if it rained!!!

It is a lovely team of a man and his dog. And one of my favorite pictures EVER!

Marsha....thank you!! Again!!!

ps I adore the way the man is holding the umbrella from its tip! Brilliant!!
The music just added more!!!! Brava!!!!