Monday, December 8, 2014

"BY INVITATION ONLY" December 2014 - If Money Is No Object ???

International Blog Party

Happy Holidays, everyone, & welcome to our December post

because it's almost Christmas and we are already thinking about
we thought it would be some serious fun to think about

a gift for your best girlfriend
a gift for your mother
a gift for your significant other

1 person or 3 people, the task at hand should be a fun one and not arduous for our membership.

the glorious windows of Bergdorf-Goodman in NYC.

now what on Earth could be a better gift to your girlfriend than
a trip to New York City to see the beauty of the city at Christmastime?
especially THOSE windows!

this year the creators decided on "An Ode To The Arts" as a theme, and
chose to showcase

of course, this visit would be for a few days so that she could shop till she dropped,
be wined & dined by some very special friends who live there,
like "21" with the famous jockeys up top,
one of my personal favs:
Rue 57
The Metropolitan Club

Ralph Lauren's Magnificent Store

you understand, of course, that I would have to accompany her as her
husband is unable to travel, and she no I would want her to go alone!

she already has a Burberry trench coat, LV luggage, etc etc etc.,
but I want her to have a VIP trip from her front door to the door
of our hotel in the big apple.
where do you think we should stay, btw?

this would mean a car & driver to and from the airports,
1st Class Tickets
a beautiful suite somewhere
& plenty of time to have fun, with ALMOST NO AGENDA.

 1 more gift would be this book written by our blogger friend, Erin Gates.
(she already has Tish's book, Vicki's books, and will receive Sharon's book
+ anything else any of our membership deems worthy of publication).

there will be some major book suggestions later on this week,
all great gifts for someone you love, or great for your own coffee table.

now,  for the girlfriend I have in mind there are some other requirements so that she can go on this little holiday trip...
personal care for her husband and pets while she's out of town,
& to get ready for the holiday vacay she would need a housekeeper for a year,
otherwise she wouldn't get ready on time.

as I really don't have a significant other to buy for,
the man in my life is my son
& he would be thrilled to receive these items

the Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf
wool & silk

with a graffiti LV signature on the end.

and these Bottega gloves
black & brown with a cashmere lining

I'm hoping & knowing all of you are having a wonderful holiday season
with your friends and family
& that we all remember the best Christmas of all is one celebrated at home
with all of those people around you
(and the dogs).

please join all of the membership who is joining us in posting today,
a link up list is below