Monday, December 8, 2014

"BY INVITATION ONLY" December 2014 - If Money Is No Object ???

International Blog Party

Happy Holidays, everyone, & welcome to our December post

because it's almost Christmas and we are already thinking about
we thought it would be some serious fun to think about

a gift for your best girlfriend
a gift for your mother
a gift for your significant other

1 person or 3 people, the task at hand should be a fun one and not arduous for our membership.

the glorious windows of Bergdorf-Goodman in NYC.

now what on Earth could be a better gift to your girlfriend than
a trip to New York City to see the beauty of the city at Christmastime?
especially THOSE windows!

this year the creators decided on "An Ode To The Arts" as a theme, and
chose to showcase

of course, this visit would be for a few days so that she could shop till she dropped,
be wined & dined by some very special friends who live there,
like "21" with the famous jockeys up top,
one of my personal favs:
Rue 57
The Metropolitan Club

Ralph Lauren's Magnificent Store

you understand, of course, that I would have to accompany her as her
husband is unable to travel, and she no I would want her to go alone!

she already has a Burberry trench coat, LV luggage, etc etc etc.,
but I want her to have a VIP trip from her front door to the door
of our hotel in the big apple.
where do you think we should stay, btw?

this would mean a car & driver to and from the airports,
1st Class Tickets
a beautiful suite somewhere
& plenty of time to have fun, with ALMOST NO AGENDA.

 1 more gift would be this book written by our blogger friend, Erin Gates.
(she already has Tish's book, Vicki's books, and will receive Sharon's book
+ anything else any of our membership deems worthy of publication).

there will be some major book suggestions later on this week,
all great gifts for someone you love, or great for your own coffee table.

now,  for the girlfriend I have in mind there are some other requirements so that she can go on this little holiday trip...
personal care for her husband and pets while she's out of town,
& to get ready for the holiday vacay she would need a housekeeper for a year,
otherwise she wouldn't get ready on time.

as I really don't have a significant other to buy for,
the man in my life is my son
& he would be thrilled to receive these items

the Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf
wool & silk

with a graffiti LV signature on the end.

and these Bottega gloves
black & brown with a cashmere lining

I'm hoping & knowing all of you are having a wonderful holiday season
with your friends and family
& that we all remember the best Christmas of all is one celebrated at home
with all of those people around you
(and the dogs).

please join all of the membership who is joining us in posting today,
a link up list is below




  1. Dear Marsha...I can't believe this is our last post of the year...where does the time go...WOW the windows at Bergdorf-Goodman are fabulous! Have a wonderful Christmas...hoping for a white one here ;)
    Much love to you and your family and of course the dogs xx

    1. Catherine, life seems to move fast these days, but I hope we all slow down & enjoy our families and friends during the holiday season.

  2. Oh Marsha …… I can't wait for my ticket to arrive !!!!! haha
    I LOVE the London Christmas windows and Bergdorf-Goodman have surpassed themselves….. they are AMAZING.
    Wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmases and thank you for all of the hard work that you put in for our BIO posts. It is a joy to be part of. Much love. XXXX

    1. I would love to see London at holiday time. Love too !!

  3. Wow lucky friend! I love how you have thought of every single detail including those she will leave behind at home:) And you picked some of my very favorite things in NY......first class all the way! I am about to put up my own post. Such fun Marsha, I had a blast doing it!! Ho ho ho......

    1. I cannot wait to read your post. I know I will drop dead with delight!

  4. I was in the city on Friday and saw the BG windows, as well as Barney's where they had a live ice skater in the windows! You should stay at one of the suites at the Plaza Athenee - I just visited there and it is lovely, plus steps from all of the beautiful shops on Madison Avenue. I will come join you for lunch!! :)

    Have a lovely day, Marsha!! xoxo

    1. Sandy, I hope you took a mental picture of all those windows, they are a gift to all of us from each store.
      And, yep, the Plaza Athenee would be delightful.

  5. Oh,HOW EXCITED and beautiful are those windows....!!!
    Just close my eyes and dream....:)))
    Yes,they would be absolutely perfect gifts for Christmas,Marsha!
    Mostly of all,I think I would be HAPPY girl if our lucky lot brings most beloved people's together,healthy and good!:)))
    Thankyou million,million times for the whole year 2014-wonderful,inspiring posts!!!

    Sending to you my warm hugs and a very big smile,dear friend!:)))❤️

    1. Well, you see, the gift actually turned out to be for me too. Does that take away from it, I wonder?

  6. Sorry, the linky thing didn't seem to be working but went through multiple times. Love those holiday windows, thanks so much for the tour!

    1. I'll try to link you up. So sorry for the mishap! Happy Holidays, sweet lovely friend.

  7. Ah, you have given me a gift by sharing the BG windows! I miss seeing them in person, it is just one of the reasons why NYC is so spectacular at this time of year. If...for any reason...your Bestie can't make it...well, I would be happy to step in!
    Gros, Gros Bisous,

  8. Hi Marsha, just love those amazing shots of the christmas windows. thank you for another year of sharing

    happy holidays to you and your family



    1. And to you and yours, Sharon, my brilliant wizard friend.

  9. Now, YOUR A GIRLFRIEND who I would ADORE to have in MY LIFE!I have NEVER seen the CHRISTMAS WINDOWS at BG!I just finished reading Betty's book however, the personal shopper there.A FABULOUS READ!What a GIFT that would be!Plus, the HOUSE CLEANER TO BOOT!!!!!!!!YOU think of everything!MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and your family.........................and THANK YOU for including me in this GROUP of BLOGGERS.I really enjoy sipping my coffee with the CAT on my lap reading through...........a GRAND way to slow me down today and ENJOY the SEASON!THANK YOU!XOXO

    1. You have added SO very much to our little international group. And who could be more international than you and your family? I love everything you do!!

  10. Marsha,

    Just found my way over here via The Enchanted Home. Love your post and you're definitely my kind of group! Of course, as a lifelong New Yorker (now living in NJ), everything you mentioned resonates with me. As for where your friend should stay, lately I'm enjoying the newer boutique hotels, more than the grand dames, so I'd go with the balcony suite at the Mondrian, but there are so many good choices in NY... :-) Fun post! Glad I found you site!

    Lory at Designthusiasm

    1. A big Texas WELCOME, Lory! So happy to have your visit. Merry Christmas to you.

  11. Marsha, As expected, your picks are fantastic! I love giving books and adore receiving them, and the design books give some of us pleasure year after year. (Cheaper than a therapist and possibly better!)

    That leopard scarf is also to die for! Merveilleux!

    I love that you have included experiences in your list, as well as objects. The older we get, the more we realize that experiences enliven us (and keep us young) - in so many ways.

    Wishing you a glorious holiday season, and as always, my hat is off to you for the way you pull off By Invitation Only each month. That is a most gracious and much appreciated gift to all of us.


    1. Everyone reading this, you MUST go over to see Ms. Wolf @ Daily Plate of Crazy, her post defines her, as well as makes us realize what we should all aspire to be.

  12. Wonderful gifts Marsha... and those BG windows... **sigh**...
    Have a fabulous and festive holiday season... and thank you for arranging all these fantastic postings... xv

    1. & thank YOU for participating with us, Vicki.
      You add an unmatched elegance to our group.

  13. I'll buy two tickets for us, shall I? What a marvelous gift. Those windows are amazing. There's something so magical about New York at Christmas! Wishing you joy and love this Christmas my friend.

  14. New York is always amazing to me, but especially at this time. The windows are truly a gift!!!

  15. Marsha, New York is a magical city any time but never more so than at Christmas! I love all of the windows!

    This sounds like the perfect gift!

    I have on my goal list for next year to participate in your wonderful "By Invitation Only" posts. It is always such a pleasure to read these beautiful blogs.

    I wish you a year filled with beauty, the love of family and friends and much happiness,
    xox Elizabeth

  16. Marsha, what a fantastic red dress on your header. Everything looks beautiful.
    Renee is going to Manhattan in a week so she will get to visit all these fantastic shops.
    The windows alone are a treat. Merry Christmas yvonne

    1. I am so happy for Renee !!!!
      Happy Holidays, darling Yvonne.

  17. Marsha, If money was no object, I would fly to Texas and take you to lunch dear friend! xxRié

    1. WooHoo !!
      I would love that, Rie'
      Merry Christmas

  18. Dear Marsha,
    To join YOU at Bergdorf-Goodman's - What could be more delightful! Would love to be your "best girl friend" - ha-ha!
    But - at the end of our "window-shopping" I would take you out for aperitif to the Waldorf Astoria and then for supper to P.J. Clarke’s at Third Avenue! You would like it!!! Been there in the early 1980's.
    However - we can dream thanks to YOU!
    Lovely post! And now as this year is coming to its end - thank you again for inventing/creating this monthly post event!
    Take care - I'm thinking of you,
    best wishes for you and all your new "life projects"!

  19. Oh - forgotten to mention that I've had a little problem to join into the list on your blog.....
    So, please, if you can, delete the first "next-one" which leads people to the November post - grrrhhhh!
    And - I do apologize to be a day late - running out with time, but thought better late than not at all ....:)

  20. What wonderful gifts, Marsha! Who wouldn't want to take that NYC trip with you!!! It looks like a dream come true. The windows and Bergdorfs are always a must-see - they knock it out of the park every year. I'm with Heather, if the best friend couldn't make it, I'd be happy to step in!

    Have a wonderful season, Marsha! XOXO

    1. We'll round the group up and turn that into a post.
      Where should we meet?

  21. My dearest Marsha … what a fun topic you have chosen this month. I am making the rounds to as many posts as I can … as many of my dear friends have written for you!

    what a most magnificent gift to give your best girlfriend … what a lucky women … and even more for her friendship with You!

    Sending you big holiday hugs my dear!


  22. Your friend is blessed to have you Marsha, what a lovely escape you planned for her and it is one I would adore too.....I have never been to New York and it looks so spectacular and wonderful. It brings me lovely memories of living in a city ( London) at Christmas time

    Happy holidays darling Marsha
    all love xx

  23. Hi Marsha - It's Debby (formerly Inspired Design). It was time for a change. I love NYC during the holidays. My Mom is going for the first time this year - I'm so excited for her. I hope you have been well and enjoying the holiday season! xoxo

  24. Please can I be your new best friend? I can't imagine a more festive place to spend the Holidays. I have enjoyed all of these posts...what a great topic for all to indulge in!!


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