Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My 1st Email of Today

from one of my lovely clients

Hi, Marsha, I received my package last Saturday, and then today, while reading Vicki Archer's blog, I came across this: I've taken a screenshot of the $1,750 Chloe bag from Nordstrom's website.  The chain on your purse is much prettier/sturdier than the one on the Chloe bag.  And, I've already worn the chain around my neck as a necklace/lariat!  You have impeccable taste -- and I'm happy to be one of your recipients!  (BTW, loved the perfumed scent I got when opening the box.)

Best, Pat  

click here to see Splenderosa's version of this elegant & fun bag
$135.00 each

we have placed another order for all 4 colors,
as we sold out of every one (we have 1 BLACK in stock).

delivery is about 2-3 weeks
to pre-order please email me at
& we will send you a PayPal invoice.

the email from Pat is a great validation of what I do &
we all love to know someone loves our blog and that they also love merchandise bought from us.

& imagine Vicki blogged about the same bag,
only the one most of us would never own, albeit beautiful.


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  1. Your subject today is dear to my heart. I am madly in love with my little doggie Skye a 14 year old Maltese. Lovely blog today and always.
    Much love.......


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