Thursday, March 26, 2015

Every Breath You Take.

Every Move You Make

OK, we all know the song...
but last night on AMERICAN IDOL
we heard a rendition never heard before.

sung by Clark Beckham at the piano.

he is going to be the next American Idol.

there are so many talented kids this season, but we all know there is a stand-out in every group,
and he is the stand-out.

Qaasim is so talented too,
however, he is a stage performer,
you almost have to see him to enjoy him.

anyway, now you know what I do on a Wednesday night.


it's definitely SPRING in Houston,

& I don't have a thing to wear.  seriously, don't you say this too?
especially after a long, wet winter.
suddenly, we want color!

we want NEW !!

what's a girl to do?

head to Sak's 5th Avenue is what I do.
there are a couple of Escada outfits I am hoping to fit into.

you guys have heard me say time and again how much I LOVE ESCADA!
there are many styles that are a little over the top for me (at this age),
but their fabrics, their tailoring, their enduring beauty,
the total wearability of their apparel, is what always brings me back.

when you leave your home to go on a vacation, flying hither, thither & yon,
you will always look perfect when you arrive if you are wearing Escada.

it is so worth the cost.
the blacks stay black,
the fabrics are totally resistant to lint (my worst nightmare),
they stay unwrinkled no matter how long you are sitting,
they don't bag, buckle, sag or shrink.

trust me on this.

buy Escada online | All Styles | Dress Dirika
go HERE to see the Spring Lookbook

& just for fun, click over to see Oscar de la Renta's "Event" Collection


I had many many many people view my
Travel Wardrobe post, but hardly any comments.

does this mean the majority of viewers/readers already know all this?
or does it mean it's boring?

I have a real need to know.

more Amalfi Coast posts coming up....