Thursday, March 26, 2015

Every Breath You Take.

Every Move You Make

OK, we all know the song...
but last night on AMERICAN IDOL
we heard a rendition never heard before.

sung by Clark Beckham at the piano.

he is going to be the next American Idol.

there are so many talented kids this season, but we all know there is a stand-out in every group,
and he is the stand-out.

Qaasim is so talented too,
however, he is a stage performer,
you almost have to see him to enjoy him.

anyway, now you know what I do on a Wednesday night.


it's definitely SPRING in Houston,

& I don't have a thing to wear.  seriously, don't you say this too?
especially after a long, wet winter.
suddenly, we want color!

we want NEW !!

what's a girl to do?

head to Sak's 5th Avenue is what I do.
there are a couple of Escada outfits I am hoping to fit into.

you guys have heard me say time and again how much I LOVE ESCADA!
there are many styles that are a little over the top for me (at this age),
but their fabrics, their tailoring, their enduring beauty,
the total wearability of their apparel, is what always brings me back.

when you leave your home to go on a vacation, flying hither, thither & yon,
you will always look perfect when you arrive if you are wearing Escada.

it is so worth the cost.
the blacks stay black,
the fabrics are totally resistant to lint (my worst nightmare),
they stay unwrinkled no matter how long you are sitting,
they don't bag, buckle, sag or shrink.

trust me on this.

buy Escada online | All Styles | Dress Dirika
go HERE to see the Spring Lookbook

& just for fun, click over to see Oscar de la Renta's "Event" Collection


I had many many many people view my
Travel Wardrobe post, but hardly any comments.

does this mean the majority of viewers/readers already know all this?
or does it mean it's boring?

I have a real need to know.

more Amalfi Coast posts coming up....



Elizabeth Day said...

Not sure I can help you any since I did comment, but I don't find it boring at all and neither do I think everyone already knows this stuff. I've come to the conclusion that I blog mostly for my own benefit and if no one responds, then so be it. I blog about what I like/love and can't help it if no one else has the good taste to enjoy it. LOL! Keep it up Marsha.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

I do believe you've said it perfectly. We all blog because WE enjoy the process. Thank you, Elizabeth !!
I needed to get my hat on straight.

Mary said...

Marsha, I'm back as promised! Hope I wasn't too over the top in that last comment! I too blog mainly for my own satisfaction - it's my creative outlet as I used to work in art and advertising and I truly miss those days - when, I promise, I did dress well and even had a few Escada items myself! They are gorgeous and for me it's always about the fabric anyway. Now it's perhaps more about travel to fantastic places and photographing all and sundry along the way - I love that part and want to share my pics with those who are interested and perhaps won't get to such remote places around the world. My blog is my journal - perhaps some day even my great-grandkids will enjoy reading about me!

Bring on those Almalfi Coast stories, I've actually never visited there but know it's beautiful as is all of Italy - Venice being perhaps my favorite, but Firenze a close second - in fact all of Tuscany!

Happy day - enjoy the coming weekend. I'm packing for Washington DC today and will be traveling by car which is easy. As it will be very chilly, along go the black pants with a pair of tall boots and my Frye oxfords for comfy walking, a couple of cashmere sweaters with a knee length coat should work - also tucking in a wool cloche hat and numerous scarves - love scarves!

Such pretty dresses in this post but I'm not a print person so must pass and leave them for some other lucky gal who will look gorgeous in either one!
Take care -
Hugs - Mary

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Marsha, these dresses are fabulous! Just the sort I have been searching for!

I cannot wait to see what you pick out for Spring! I am still awaiting its arrival here in the South.

On the note of comments: I have noticed a decrease in comments on my blog as well as many of the blogs that I read. It is a little strange.

The enchanted home said...

Oh my gosh, you are right we are on the same page! Love the picks, and agree Clark is destined for fame, what a talent!

Carol S. said...

I think many readers are like me....very interested in your stories and inspired by your photos...but moving a little too fast to slow down and make a comment. I always feel a tad selfish and probably comment more than others. Your blog is sensational, excellent blend of lifestyle, fashion, tidbits of dinner conversations, sort of like chit chatting with an old friend. Thank you Splenderosa!