Tuesday, April 14, 2015


International Blog Party


this month the group is talking about

"life's little luxuries"

as you know, we have a common theme and then we give our personal take on that theme.
it's FUN X 10
to see what each one of true "individuals" will say.

the image above conjures up one of the things I consider a "little luxury" ...
dining al fresco with my friends or family.

no matter the environment, this is truly a gift to me.
even if I'm the one doing the cooking !!!

and, as I've aged I've discovered that what I once thought of as "a luxury"
is not seemingly not so important.

the latest luxury sports car
shopping till I drop (which woiuld have included having the latest "thing")
fine jewelry
& on & on

(our Oregon coastline)

My Real Luxuries

I love love love to travel, I'll go anywhere (well almost!),
by ship, train, plane or car.

NARS eyeshadow & blushers
because they are highly pigmented & you need so little to make a beautiful finish,
& because they have moisture built-in, in other words they are not dry-looking.

getting my nails & toes done

having a great haircut

taking care of my little doggies, Bono & FiFi,
walking them, cooking chicken breasts for them, getting them groomed
so that they feel as beautiful as they are.

my creativity
this is a true luxury as if one has NO time creativity doesn't happen.
for example, yesterday at the shop a woman came in the front door
asking where the outfit on the mannequin could be found.
I had just styled all the inside mannequins (not the windows)
& we have one on each side of the entry double glass doors.
she bought the entire ensemble; & this little simple thing just made me so happy!
& she was happy too.

my orchids
I now have re-bloomed 3 of them!
can you believe it?
taking care of them by misting every single day is a joy to me.
when they reward me with loveliness which lasts for weeks or even months,
I think it's a little luxury.

& for the final thought today,

I find that my blogging is a little luxury.
you guys reading my blog makes me SO so happy,
and you allow me to be ME.
the authentic, opinionated ME.
the glamourous ME.
the sweet ME
the non-cooking ME,
the caring & sharing ME.

seriously, how could there be a better luxury?

please please please visit the other members who are posting today.
all of our posts take time and a huge commitment to the group.

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