Tuesday, April 14, 2015


International Blog Party


this month the group is talking about

"life's little luxuries"

as you know, we have a common theme and then we give our personal take on that theme.
it's FUN X 10
to see what each one of true "individuals" will say.

the image above conjures up one of the things I consider a "little luxury" ...
dining al fresco with my friends or family.

no matter the environment, this is truly a gift to me.
even if I'm the one doing the cooking !!!

and, as I've aged I've discovered that what I once thought of as "a luxury"
is not seemingly not so important.

the latest luxury sports car
shopping till I drop (which woiuld have included having the latest "thing")
fine jewelry
& on & on

(our Oregon coastline)

My Real Luxuries

I love love love to travel, I'll go anywhere (well almost!),
by ship, train, plane or car.

NARS eyeshadow & blushers
because they are highly pigmented & you need so little to make a beautiful finish,
& because they have moisture built-in, in other words they are not dry-looking.

getting my nails & toes done

having a great haircut

taking care of my little doggies, Bono & FiFi,
walking them, cooking chicken breasts for them, getting them groomed
so that they feel as beautiful as they are.

my creativity
this is a true luxury as if one has NO time creativity doesn't happen.
for example, yesterday at the shop a woman came in the front door
asking where the outfit on the mannequin could be found.
I had just styled all the inside mannequins (not the windows)
& we have one on each side of the entry double glass doors.
she bought the entire ensemble; & this little simple thing just made me so happy!
& she was happy too.

my orchids
I now have re-bloomed 3 of them!
can you believe it?
taking care of them by misting every single day is a joy to me.
when they reward me with loveliness which lasts for weeks or even months,
I think it's a little luxury.

& for the final thought today,

I find that my blogging is a little luxury.
you guys reading my blog makes me SO so happy,
and you allow me to be ME.
the authentic, opinionated ME.
the glamourous ME.
the sweet ME
the non-cooking ME,
the caring & sharing ME.

seriously, how could there be a better luxury?

please please please visit the other members who are posting today.
all of our posts take time and a huge commitment to the group.

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  1. Dining al fresco. You are so right, Marsha. And of course, in the South, there is actually a limited time when that is as pleasant as one might think. (That time is now!)

    A great haircut. That's a good one. And travel... oh, yes. Especially if you can do it comfortably.

    Creativity. I wouldn't have thought of that as a luxury as it seems to be as necessary as food (to me), but of course you're right on that as well.

    Such a delightful topic, as always. And wishing you, my friend, more "luxury" in your life, and a wonderful summer.


    1. To believe you have "creativity" is a luxury in inself. Imagine how many people never feel this way?

  2. BINGO!I totally agree with all your little luxuries.................and to have THAT WOMAN buy everything off the model......well that would LIGHT up MY DAY TOO!Hope you did another one right after she left!XO

  3. Totally agree with your luxuries, Marsha and yes, blogging for us is just the best…so many wonderful people. I can never keep my orchids alive, but so love them…happy Tuesday!!

  4. Simply brilliant, dear Marsha!
    I totally agree with everything!
    Bless YOU,

    P.S. Just in the middle to complete my post for the theme, will take me another few hours, but will do it !!!! And not a week later like last month :'(

  5. I love all of your little luxuries! I could have listed a million - especially eating outdoors! - so just focused on one simple one to me (kind of like creativity!), the luxury of discovery. I am a wee bit jealous of your green thumb I must say...here in France it translates as a "green hand" - I have enough trouble with the thumb, I can't imagine having the whole hand!

  6. Love your list Marsha and I am so right there with you..I love all the fluff but when it comes down to what really matters, its so much more about good health and having people to share life with. This was fun, hope you are well...and yay for your orchid skills!

  7. Marsha, I love your list! As I do your blog, it was a wonderful day the day I discovered the beauty you bring to the world!

    I have to join your club of By Invitation Only!

  8. Yes, yes, yes to all your luxuries Marsha darling! Blogging is such a wonderful luxury because we get to connect with women we would never meet otherwise! Luxury to spend time wth loved ones is the ultimate joy!!

  9. I think you have created a much better definition of luxury than the dictionary one, which refers (in part) to "an inessential, desirable item" because you are showing us that these things are incredibly essential. And what are rules for if not to break and turn them on their head?

  10. Hello Marsha
    What a joy it is to get a manicure and pedicure and hair do. Congratulations on the sale of your co-ordinated outfit. I can see you have exquisite taste. Well done with keeping your orchids.

    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  11. Travel as much as you can, life is short and someday you won't be able to.
    At last spring is here. My friends from Dallas came up apr2. Sick as dogs,
    9 days and now I am so sick and Renee and David. Watch out for this nasty bug. yvonne

  12. How true, Marsha, that are perception of luxury shifts over time. Such a beautiful life you create every day - and blog, too. Here's to life's luxuries! XOXO

    1. Ahh, & you are a very special part of it, my friend.

  13. Delicious luxuries and yes... luxury changes and our desire for it changes as we get older.
    To enjoy the simple has become the greatest luxury... Who would have thought... :)
    Lovely post, Marsha... xv

  14. Such wonderful luxuries in your life...our lists are very similar and you are so very right about blogging...so many blessings have come from it! Hope you are basking in luxury in Hawaii right now!! xoxo

  15. Love your list. Now that we have gotten all our children through college, we are looking forward to the extra funds to travel. Hawaii is on the list! Love how you take care of your little dogs, they must love you!

  16. I agree with so many of your luxuries all except for the Orchids. I love to garden but houseplants do not like me!! Loved todays post!!

    1. Cindy, a dear dear dear friend has taught me so much about orchids. Her home is always filled with large groupings of the most magnificent, huge plants. She can keep them alive for 3 months easily. No one else can do what she does with orchids. It is a labor of love for her. xx's

  17. So perfect, Marsha!
    You always make me smile.

  18. Marsha, I'm just now catching up with everyone's posts. Thank you SO much for hosting and sharing your beautiful photos and daily luxuries.

  19. Dear Marsha...LOVED this post! Yes to simple luxuries which are, after all, the potent pleasures in life. After all this time of Dave being gone, I'm now coming into the sunlight and enjoying...REALLY enjoying! those simple luxuries and potent pleasures in my life. The seasons of our lives take time, sometimes more time than others and, overall "It Takes as Long as It Takes"...but I am ready, more than ready, for the warmth of spring, the lushness of summer, the harvest of autumn...but each in their due course. Your first photo is wonderful...love the olive tree and what it represents. I am in process of readying my porches for living and sharing. Even if the meal is shared only with my Pups, it's still a lovely and loving experience.
    Congrats on the orchids...WOW! A great haircut...O My YES! Travel...I'm packed and ready to GO!
    Marsha, did I mention how much I LOVE this post? Sending with love and prayers...thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

  20. Phooffy!!!!!!!!! I just sent an email and forgot to sign in so it went somewhere.Today I am waiting for Renee to do my toes, last pedicure I got an infection.Need a haircut. Did Kitchen windows and putting up spring curtains. Started a new painting and worked in a few flower beds. Now some wine and a shower. Sending a big hug Let's see your new hair cut. yvonne


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