Thursday, August 6, 2015

I've Left My Heart & Soul Here

as most of you know by now, I'm a Texan, born & bred.
& I adore being a Texan, and a Houstonian.

Texas is an iconic state with so many wonderments, 
mostly the people and the amazing spirit and friendship you will find here.

however, I'm also a bit Italian, and each time I visit Italy I come away loving her more
than ever.  by this time I've been almost everywhere in Italy.
& seriously, I love every part of the country.
but, I love the lake country and the Amalfi Coast the most.

below, a vision of the lake country,
unlike anything anywhere else in the world.

& this is me, 
photos of me requested by one of my dear readers,
because she always posts pics of herself & her precious family...
so here goes:

below, at my birthday dinner in June

at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice

at a gala in Houston, dancing with the Director of Visuals at Sak's 5th Avenue
when I was there, he now has his own design company which is amazingly successful.

the earrings I'm wearing are creations of mine,
made of gem-quality faceted garnets,
on curved 14k gold wire.
they are show-stoppers on their own, and we can make them in any stone, any length.
to order
these are occasions where one would find me "dressed" & ready for my
photo op,
when I'm not dressed, I cannot be photographed...
I don't take my pj's off until noon (that's the time I write my blog posts),
I am without makeup, and for a pale-skinned blonde woman this is horrid X10,
& this was ALWAYS when Ned Scott would take my picture.
he carried a camera with him constantly and, therefore, captured moments which
were blackmailable.
he made me laugh, he thought I was beautiful, no matter what time it was,
& he was so happy.
my husband.
who died 1 year ago this month.
(& just so you know, his kids are still suing me, claiming I took their antique furniture
which was left to them by their aunt, who died before I met Ned.  where were they for the 7 years the furniture was either in our home or in storage?  only became an issue AFTER they sued their father to have him declared incapacitated; can you even imagine people doing this to THEIR FATHER?  
this is when I knew no matter what I did some people were just not going to like me. 
I usually don't wail about my plights, 
so please forgive me for taking the forum public).
have a lovely weekend, my friends,
while I'll be toiling in the shop both Friday & Saturday,
temperature around 95f,
trying to show pre-fall fashions designed for temps in the 60's or below.

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