Thursday, August 6, 2015

I've Left My Heart & Soul Here

as most of you know by now, I'm a Texan, born & bred.
& I adore being a Texan, and a Houstonian.

Texas is an iconic state with so many wonderments, 
mostly the people and the amazing spirit and friendship you will find here.

however, I'm also a bit Italian, and each time I visit Italy I come away loving her more
than ever.  by this time I've been almost everywhere in Italy.
& seriously, I love every part of the country.
but, I love the lake country and the Amalfi Coast the most.

below, a vision of the lake country,
unlike anything anywhere else in the world.

& this is me, 
photos of me requested by one of my dear readers,
because she always posts pics of herself & her precious family...
so here goes:

below, at my birthday dinner in June

at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice

at a gala in Houston, dancing with the Director of Visuals at Sak's 5th Avenue
when I was there, he now has his own design company which is amazingly successful.

the earrings I'm wearing are creations of mine,
made of gem-quality faceted garnets,
on curved 14k gold wire.
they are show-stoppers on their own, and we can make them in any stone, any length.
to order
these are occasions where one would find me "dressed" & ready for my
photo op,
when I'm not dressed, I cannot be photographed...
I don't take my pj's off until noon (that's the time I write my blog posts),
I am without makeup, and for a pale-skinned blonde woman this is horrid X10,
& this was ALWAYS when Ned Scott would take my picture.
he carried a camera with him constantly and, therefore, captured moments which
were blackmailable.
he made me laugh, he thought I was beautiful, no matter what time it was,
& he was so happy.
my husband.
who died 1 year ago this month.
(& just so you know, his kids are still suing me, claiming I took their antique furniture
which was left to them by their aunt, who died before I met Ned.  where were they for the 7 years the furniture was either in our home or in storage?  only became an issue AFTER they sued their father to have him declared incapacitated; can you even imagine people doing this to THEIR FATHER?  
this is when I knew no matter what I did some people were just not going to like me. 
I usually don't wail about my plights, 
so please forgive me for taking the forum public).
have a lovely weekend, my friends,
while I'll be toiling in the shop both Friday & Saturday,
temperature around 95f,
trying to show pre-fall fashions designed for temps in the 60's or below.



Colleen Taylor said...

Beautiful photos of you Marsha. I'm sorry you continue to go through this with these kids. I've seen ugly thing happen upon the death of family members. Sadly, it's never good for anyone. I wish you only goodness in your life.

Angela L Gunning said...

Thinking of you tonight, dear Marsha. One cannot please everyone as you well know. Ned loved you and the two of you shared a happiness that can't be eroded by the bitterness of others. It's sadly interesting that family members direct hostility toward someone who enters their parents lives when that parent may be on the cusp of a debilitating illness that know one understands. It's difficult to be standing on the edge, the edge of what was, the edge of what you wish for and the edge of what cannot be. Only the soul who looks into the abyss and has to walk away alone can understand what you experience. The depth of your loss. Your shared future and your love snatched away before you've had a chance to dance into your sunset. You had a right to the happiness you shared. How wonderful that you would find each other before his last journey into the unknown. Memories of love can light the darkness forever. Celebrate the love you shared by continuing to live beautifully. Love and hugs, Angela

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I am SO glad you shared photos of yourself, dressed to the nines and movie star glamorous, having obviously a great time. They are truly splendid and speak to the person you are. I know what you mean about Italy. I feel the same way about Provence and the South of France. I'm sorry to hear of the troubles with your husband's children. You can't make some people happy and as long as you know the truth, let it be so you can go on with your life. We all love you Marsha and that's what counts.

Lynda Brandly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, Marsha. I'm sure the anniversary of his death is painful. I am praying for you. I loved seeing pictures of you. You are beautiful. Be blessed.

Cleo from Jersey said...

Thanks for the post and the photos, they and you are lovely, no matter what time of day! I haven't been to Italy, yet, but it will be my next trip. Like your Italy, I fell in love with France and the people, and often dream of having a small place there. Just a dream! Have a cool weekend, despite the temps! Angela Muller

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Hi look beautiful in all of these photos and I'm so sorry you lost your husband..I just lost my mom and dad within the last year and and its so hard to loose someone you love..You must miss him so much and I'm sorry his children are giving you so much grief.

Monica T. said...

Oh you are just lovely! And I am a pale skinned blonde woman whoTOTALLY gets this! ( cringe at photos). Sorry for the loss of your husband and for the heartache that the family has caused.

Jackie and Joel Smith said...

Oh Marsha, what lovely photos of you and what wonderful memories you must have of Italy. Enjoy the wonderful memories of that special man in your life and good luck with all the peripheral 'stuff' that comes in the aftermath~

Barbara Novello said...

You look and are beautiful - I love your blog. It's sad what his children are doing - for them really - I understand your comments fully. Hang in there - you can do this - you are a beautiful future ahead of you despite them.

La Contessa said...

This brought tears to my eyes last night as I read it!YOU look SO different to me in each photo!I think MY Favorite and they are ALL DIVINE is the most recent picture at your BIRTHDAY this JUNE.YOU are a bit different then I had imagined................HOW?Can't really explain in words.You know how one gets an idea in their head and then its wiped away after seeing the REAL DEAL!!
As for those CHILDREN.........................NO WORDS.
SO, happy you have announced your LOSS.I can remember reading between the lines this time last year something was UP.Sounds like you have found a wonderful new SPOT to call HOME.Lovely neighbors who warn you about flooding garages............and a part time JOB to keep you in trouble in the clothes DEPARTMENT!
Well, done.....................I give YOU a BIG BIG HUG all the way from CALIFORNIA.Love that you honored my request............XOXO

VM Creation Atelier said...

SO happy I see you here,Marsha....
And the last one photo with your dear huisbrand is beyond stunning! Really is!
HOW amazing you are,my dear soulmate:)
Your necklace on the forst image brought my heart-is really adorable!
You are Beautiful woman,not only because of your cute outfits,but your EYES are SO beautiful!
Sorry for my openhearted mind....
I wish,I can being in Huston whenever!

D. A. Wolf said...

It is truly WONDERFUL to see you, and to see so many photos. And I can't help the lump in my throat as you speak of Ned, and thinking of the ways that families turn in on each other after someone passes. I've lived my own version of this -- it cuts to the quick with a sort of hurt that never goes away -- and it's absolutely dreadful.

I wish you a lovely, relaxing weekend, Beautiful Marsha. xo

Marsha Splenderosa said...


Dear Marsha,

Can you hear me squealing with delight over my new handbag? I LOVE it! It’s even better than I imagined! The leather is so soft and the hardware is gorgeous! Thank you so much for looking out for “Your Girls”. I love all the outfit ideas and links that you post. The clothing is so beautiful and well made. Anyway, I am definitely singing your praises and can’t wait to see what all you have for the fall season!

As for your husband’s children… They don’t know a good thing when they have it. That age group seems so entitled to everything. They are quick to shout about their rights but shirk their responsibilities. I wouldn’t lose one more moment of beauty sleep on them!

Stay cool this weekend.

Love and gratitude!

Tamera Beardsley said...

So very wonderful to see pictures of your gorgeous self!

I am ever so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband my dear. Sending you the biggest of hugs and prayers of comfort.

I will look forward to your Pre Fall Fashions!


LPC said...

You look just as I see you in my mind - perfect. So sorry for your stepfamily troubles. <3

Deborah Montgomery said...

You look so beautiful Marsha! I am so sorry about your husband, I didn't know. Lovely you've gotten to visit Italy; sounds wonderful.

Mary Thompson said...

Love the pictures and your blog. Your look fabulous.

jeanie schuler said...

A lady as beautiful as her blogs!

Mary Thompson said...

You look fabulous. I do enjoy your posts. Hope some day to meet you when I visit my sister in Houston. Take care.

Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, Marsha! So sorry about your husband and sorry you're going through all these troubles with your stepfamily, but I'm sure it will all end well.
And, as I keep saying, it's always such pleasure coming here.
Have a lovely week, dear Marsha.
PS: you look so pretty in the pictures above - and happy! I love Italy, too, specially Firenze and Verona.

Jennifer said...

You look just as beautiful as I expected!! I'm so sorry to hear about your ongoing struggles with your husband's children. They must be very unhappy people. One day, hopefullty very soon, they will not be a part of your life.
Sending hugs on this sad anniversary of Ned's passing. He obviously loved you dearly!!

Elizabeth Day said...

Marsha, it was so good to finally see your gorgeous, glamorous self. I knew something had happened many months ago, but had no idea you had lost your husband. It has been a year of transition and heartbreak for you. So sad that the turmoil with his children is still lingering. Greed has a way of tearing lives apart at a time when they should be united. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this, but it does sound that you are getting into a more happy place of late. Keep shining my beautiful friend!

Anonymous said...

You look so glam and so gorgeous!!! You can get thru this ordeal with your step children and come out calm and strong.
love your style as well as your blog.
-Linda, NY

Lynn M said...

I so feel for you. I was widowed and it was beyond hellish. Now I'm a stepmother and it is also pretty rough stuff. So sad that these two hard issues have doubled up and hit you at once. I hope that things get brighter on that end sooner rather than later!