Monday, August 10, 2015

What I Love NOW !!

this is the kind of outfit I adore,
it's beautiful enough for almost any occasion, but it's also comfortable & happening.
& you could wear it with high-top tennies or high heels or anything in between.
it's pricey, but it will last forever and, therefore, it is so worthwhile.
skip buying disposable fashion a few times and you've already saved enough to buy
this timeless, elegant outfit.
cashmere blend embellished layered-hem sweater
& slim suede ankle-zip pant

it comes in this beautiful GRAY & also CHESTNUT

those pants could be worn morning, noon & night with different tops,
with high boots, with a parka, apres ski, etc. etc.etc.

let's see, the way I figure it...
wear them 50 times it's only a few bucks per wear.

put on some amazing earrings like ours
in the Splenderosa Shop
they also come in GOLD with CLEAR CRYSTALS
as well as the SILVER, as shown.

& wouldn't this little chain-strap BAG, also ours, be fabulous with it?