Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let's Take a Poll + Badgeley Mischka Gown I'm Selling

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photo via Like to Know.it

the question is:

Do Any Of Us Wear A Dress During The Day?

or do we choose the ease of a pant or Bermuda's?

seeing all the various age groups come into the boutique it seems we are divided on this.

we wear dresses to "events"
we wear pants for everyday.

now, I'm not talking about those of us who actually go to an office for work,
we're speaking of "most" of my readers
who are interior designers, wives & mothers, exotic travellers, and best friends.

so, what do you wear on a normal day?

I think this is a valuable question & would really love to know.

Happy Tuesday !!!

I'm selling some of my gowns on EBay,
the current listing is for an unworn, perfect condition,
100% Silk
Dove Gray
Watercolor Painted Gown with a FishTail Hem

if anyone is interested I will send more photos to you,
it is in PERFECT CONDITION, size 8,
original cost about $3900,
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email me if interested.



Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Dresses are much more comfy and I have a stash of tshirt long dresses that I can layer and it is the best type of staple

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

This is an interesting question. I have to say that I am more of a skirt/dress person during the day. I am not a fan of jeans and I think that for my life casual skirts and shirt dressed are more comfortable and suite my style.

Mary said...

Marsha - I rarely wear dresses anywhere! I'm the one who wears a tuxedo jacket and trousers for formal nights on cruise ships as I refuse to pack a suitcase of evening gowns - life is too short to haul a lot of luggage! I have yet to be turned away at the dining room door for lack of a gown! Did wear a long gown to an evening wedding last Winter - won't wear it again unless another such occasion pops up! Guess my only LBD is the knee-length knitted sweater dress which I wear over leggings with riding boots on chilly Winter days.

Rather than dresses I like certain skirts and have a couple of lower-calf length A-line skirts - one in terracotta linen for Summer, one a soft grey textured knit for casual with sneakers. An older crinkled silver satin long skirt with a side slit also goes along on ships and is worn with the tux some evenings. Have a black velour short shirt to wear with leggings and tall boots in Winter under a long coat, and one lower-calf length black waffle knit skirt, again for a change and worn with black Ecco leather sneakers and a loose cashmere sweater, with my now almost vintage Max Mara style camel coat thrown over. I definitely hang on to pieces I love and which are comfortable.

My normal daily wardrobe consists of pants of all shapes, lengths, fabrics, textures, and a couple of pairs of longer shorts for this hot weather. My favorite pants this season have been Vera Wang's dark grey linen blend (washable) with a slightly draped cross-over waist - so light and comfortable - I bought 4 pairs when they went on sale! These are ankle length but I am wearing them turned up to a narrow pressed flat cuff - they look better cropped, and are cooler with flat sandals or loafers in the heat. I shall continue wearing them through Autumn with my short boots and a long coat. (Please do a post on new coats for the coming Winter - I love them).

Well that covers me regarding dresses - I just am not a fan, much prefer spending my money on pieces I can mix - probably because I love to be comfortable and I never feel like that in a confining dress.

Happy week my dear -

Josephine Chicatanyage said...

Definitely trousers usually although today I am wearing a summer dress as it is warm here in London.

Elizabeth Day said...

Marsha, I doubt that my input will add value to your poll because of my routine. As a retiree, I go to the gym early every morning, come home and tinker around outside with the plants, prepare breakfast for Hubby and myself. After he leaves for the office, if I don't have any outside appointments, I may do some housework, computer work, paint, or just sit and read. All that to say when I get out of my gym clothes depends on what I find myself doing on any given day. But, pants, crops and bermudas or even a long loose dress are my day-to-day attire.

Emm said...

I've been wearing skirts and even long cotton-knit dresses this summer. First, because I had an injured knee and it was easier, then because I realized they're more comfortable in very hot weather. My days are in a home office, working at a keyboard, but I still follow Marsha Style: Dress well.

I'm seeing a fair number of long skirts and dresses on women around town this summer, as well. Skirts have the added benefit of camouflaging some less-desirable views, so there's that.

Joanne C said...

I like wearing gowns, dresses during the summer time. It is so feminine and comfortable. And occasionnally, I wear skirts. Pants, sometimes during the summer when the weather is colder. Never bermudas when I go out of the house during the summertime. I don't like bermudas, I prefer capris for middleaged women.

therelishedroost said...

I range between a maxi dress or white boyfriend jeans depending on how humid it is here!

Anonymous said...

I wear dresses during the hot summer months for sheer comfort, ranging from athleisure (think tennis style dress, although it ends above the knee), tunic dresses, and A-line skirts in a range of formality. For dressier occasions like an appointment, a lunch with friends, etc. I wear a maxi or a wrap dress.

La Contessa said...

PANTS.......and long gowns...........XX

Anonymous said...

Spring and summer I prefer a day run around dress it covers more and is versatile
I wear jeans with boots or drivers in the rainy months. I live in Seattle it's very casual up here.

Sandra Sallin said...

Almost always pants, boyfriend jeans or khakis with a rolled up hem. Winter, long tights again with large tops.