Monday, December 7, 2015

Pavlova Perfection....

note:  the music player on my blog has taken on a life of it's own,
I have deleted the entire program but it continues to be there.
please forgive this nonsense, I have a new computer and I'll get someone professional
to re-configure the blog so the music is removed entirely until I can make it work properly.
WikPlayer is the name of the program, there is only a Facebook page and many people are complaining about the same problems:  ads playing over the music.

have any of you thought about
or actually MADE
a Pavlova for dessert?

Ok, now you can do it for the holiday.

& if you don't know what a Pavlova is and are wondering...
please click here to see more beautiful photos & the recipe...

it's beautifully simple and your guest's will DIE over it.