Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Bolt of Fabric

this outfit looks as if it were designed by draping uncut fabric, still on the bolt,
like a conceptual thought about assymetrical silhouettes, doesn't it?


I could make this with materials I have in my jewelry studio, those large beads look like
"unfired" Murano glass beads, which btw, are lovely.

the necklace is the only thing I'm interested in.
(oh, I know, "in which I'm interested.")

hardly anyone could wear this length, but ohhhhhh how very pretty it is.

& did you hear?
Jerry Hall is marrying Rupert Murdock.

like George Clooney, Rupert is marrying WAY up, isn't he?

a Texas girl through & through
who has world-class presence...she doesn't need him at all for it must be LOVE.
heard she was sitting next to Henry Kissinger one week, 
and with Robert Kraft at a Patriots football game the next.

congrats to them, & I hear they're making it snappy.