Sunday, January 31, 2016

Texas Design

this wonderful kitchen is in Rancho Trails,
built by Partners in Building,
near Austin.

not shown is the continuation of the kitchen to the left into a giant
family room overlooking the back garden

the property is located in the rocky hill country of central Texas,
and is contemporary in design, which actually looks beautiful in this landscape.

what I'm really happy to see is that it's not "cabin" or "farmhouse" style, 
which is so much in favor in some parts of the country.

myself, I'm changing from the haute opulence of my former homes 
to a more clean, sleek look.

my biggest problem is that I have so many collections
(which my kids say they don't want),
like many pieces of Lalique, some wonderful antique pieces of blue & white jars,
and large pieces of art.

I'm currently wondering if I should paint an antique breakfront with glass doors,
which is now beautiful inlaid wood, but which looks heavy to me.

Savvy Southern Style: Home Tour:

this photo from Kim at Savvy Southern Style is what has me wondering about painting
the piece.
I mean, it can always go back to the natural wood, right?

& believe me, I have aplenty of beautiful tabletop items which could go inside,
crystal, china, silver, etc etc etc

what you you do?