Sunday, January 31, 2016

Texas Design

this wonderful kitchen is in Rancho Trails,
built by Partners in Building,
near Austin.

not shown is the continuation of the kitchen to the left into a giant
family room overlooking the back garden

the property is located in the rocky hill country of central Texas,
and is contemporary in design, which actually looks beautiful in this landscape.

what I'm really happy to see is that it's not "cabin" or "farmhouse" style, 
which is so much in favor in some parts of the country.

myself, I'm changing from the haute opulence of my former homes 
to a more clean, sleek look.

my biggest problem is that I have so many collections
(which my kids say they don't want),
like many pieces of Lalique, some wonderful antique pieces of blue & white jars,
and large pieces of art.

I'm currently wondering if I should paint an antique breakfront with glass doors,
which is now beautiful inlaid wood, but which looks heavy to me.

Savvy Southern Style: Home Tour:

this photo from Kim at Savvy Southern Style is what has me wondering about painting
the piece.
I mean, it can always go back to the natural wood, right?

& believe me, I have aplenty of beautiful tabletop items which could go inside,
crystal, china, silver, etc etc etc

what you you do?



Emm said...

Now you've given me an idea. I, too, have a large breakfront-desk that looks and is heavy, all that mahogany and inlay stuff from half a century ago. So, not strictly antique, but with some paint, hmmmmm.
I should think that if you put a coat of primer on first, then something like chalk paint, it would be removable without damage to the wood.
You can BTW make your own chalk paint: It's a 2:1 ratio of paint (I use the little sample sizes from the stores) to calcium chloride, available from NOW brand via healthfood stores. Easy peasy.

Sue Marrazzo said...

love the 1st photo!

Anonymous said...

I am very traditional in home decor but I REALLY like the photo of the kitchen! The paint color of cabinets and granite is very soothing. I also like the painted cabinet thought. I have a coffee table ,end table, and my dining chairs, I would like to paint just chicken! . I have friends who swear by Annie Sloan chalk paint I have to research if once painted they can go back. But the pieces I have do not have inlaid wood, that would really make nervous to do.
I guess my mood is tracking with what you are talking about here

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Marsha, hello and a wonderful Sunday to you!

I think that you should do whatever you think, I am sure that the piece will be beautiful painted! And a wonderful place to keep your collections.

Love this kitchen by the way.

Entertaining Women said...

I like the idea of painting an armoir with a wash like the one in the photo, but the quality of workmanship on that piece is incredibly haphazard. I spent some years painting furniture, and I can't imagine presenting a formerly lovely piece of furniture in that condition. Yikes! I have been enticed by some of the cleaner designs shown lately, too. I still want my nest feathered with my old friends, my collections, and both my kids want it all. I'm blessed. Thanks for the tour. Cherry Kay

Kelly Haslup said...

Take a reversable (a little work but manageable) risk. Have fun with your piece.

Penelope Bianchi said...

YIKES!!!! I have a better idea Marsha!!

Sell the antique!! Do not paint it! The inlaid not paint! Sell on 1st dibs or to a an inexpensive reproduction.....(from the fifties on up)! (they were well made; but with not nearly the artistry as an antique with inlay......omigod! And paint the reproduction with milk paint...or that gorgeous chalky paint.

This happened in the fifties and sixties...beautiful pine furniture that had been "built to be painted) was stripped and waxed. It ruined millions of beautiful painted pieces....they were made to be painted....

Same with beautiful antiques with gorgeous inlay and marquetry. Have an antique expert look at it first...he or she can tell you its age and value. You may be completely surprised what you can sell it for. Really good antiques are selling for a LOT!

Enough to buy lots of other things! Just make sure what it is before you paint it! You could make a horrible and expensive mistake!!

good luck!!


Penelope Bianchi said...

If they are reproductions; not real antiques, Annie Sloan chalk paint is gorgeous...and the same feeling as this piece! Just be careful not to ruin real antiques! You can sell them for way more than replacing them with repros.....and those you can paint to your heart's delight with this incredibly beautiful paint! If you don't know...ask someone....or google! (most repros are stamped with the company who made them. (top drawer in a dresser; under a dining table or chair...look for a stamp. find a stamp; paint away!

No stamp; go to an antique may have a complete treasure! And NEVER refinish in any way anything that might be an antique. It could be "setting fire" to hundreds of thousands of dollars...Antiques Roadshow is no joke. There are treasures sitting around in people's houses they have no idea of.....Seriously. Some pieces have sold for more than a million dollars. My eye has been educated for 60 years; but if yours is not; take it to someone who knows! No good dealer will charge you one cent to look at something....and it will take him/her seconds to tell!! Be careful people!!!!

Penelope Bianchi said...

No! It cannot be returned to the "original" if it is an antique!!!! Please have someone check it for you!
By the way; I love the way that breakfront is painted! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! the blue wash inside is so well done!

I can tell it wasn't an antique! It is gorgeous!

As for the things your children don't want; sell them on eBay! There are collectors all over the world who look and buy on eBay! They should go to the people who care about them! It is easy; or you can hire someone to photograph and list them....and they get a percentage!

some of my favorite things I collect....i have found on eBay.....I LOVE THEM!!

Don't keep them around if you don't love them; or if they don't work for your life now!

Penelope Bianchi said...

I think this painting on this piece of furniture is supposed to be "haphazard"; that is the look! I would be thrilled with it; and I have been a decorator for many is just a "different look"!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Cleo from Jersey said...

Marsha, I completely understand the difficulty you are having in changing your design style. Over the years, I have comfortably collected beautiful things, with the confidence and rationale that my daughter would, most likely, love to have them. Wrong!!! She is not a collector, but more of a minimalist (what?). I've since downsized and have all this wonderful stuff that doesn't really fit in my new space. I've sold some larger pieces in fine antique consignment shops; but that requires diligence and trust. The ebay suggestion is an alternative; but I decided to open an Etsy shop and have been reasonably successful considering it has only been open for eight months. Setting up the shop is somewhat time consuming and definitely a learning curve, but you seem more tech knowledgeable than I was. Anyway, it is second nature now, and I enjoy the relationships I've built all over the world with some lovely customers. Just a thought! Angela Muller

La Contessa said...

YES, Everyone just turn the volume down then the POTTY SONG will not be there!
CAN"T WAIT for the NEW LOOK!!!

Sally said...

Hi dear Marsha
I am reading with interest and I definitely agree with Penelope. Real antique pieces do sell so well these days and you could always take some pictures to show to dealers, just to find out if you have a treasure before deciding
I also love the way the armoire piece in your picture is painted, its really beautiful. I turned down an armoire a few years ago that a neighbour wanted to sell for just a few pounds.. big mistake, they hold so much and you can display a collection beautifully. My mother collects lalique, and I, my beloved blue and white ...all the best people collect :))
Have a wonderful week

Barbara Novello said...

Oh my!~ I love it so much!