Sunday, February 28, 2016

& The Best-Dressed Oscar Goes To:

Armani Prive'
on the always awesome Cate Blanchett

 Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton

with the  high/low bubble hemline.
simply to DIE for

Charlize wearing $3.7 Million of Harry Winston diamonds
in a drop dead red gown

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive'
I didn't have to be told who the designer way,
no one but Armani has perfected such a look...
gorgeousness X10

& of course, the always incredible Rooney Mara,
totally covered, totally divine,
with her dad

Lady Gaga
wearing Lorraine Swartz diamonds...$ 8 MILLION worth !!
wearing pants, which look fabulous BTW

& NOW, for the absolute WORST DRESSED

no words, except 'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?"
I usually love Marchesa, but seriously?
maybe it was inspired by "Gone With the Wind."

& further....I really really really didn't like Sarah Silverman's introduction to the
simpering Sam Smith, whom I don't like either.

loved that Mark Rylance won Best Supporting Actor, totally deserved...
but then, all of the guys in this category totally deserved the award.
Bridge of Spies, to me, is the Best Picture
& I've seen most of them, but not The Revenant ('cause I'm scared of violence).

Cheering for Leo though !!!!!!
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