Sunday, February 28, 2016

& The Best-Dressed Oscar Goes To:

Armani Prive'
on the always awesome Cate Blanchett

 Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton

with the  high/low bubble hemline.
simply to DIE for

Charlize wearing $3.7 Million of Harry Winston diamonds
in a drop dead red gown

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive'
I didn't have to be told who the designer way,
no one but Armani has perfected such a look...
gorgeousness X10

& of course, the always incredible Rooney Mara,
totally covered, totally divine,
with her dad

Lady Gaga
wearing Lorraine Swartz diamonds...$ 8 MILLION worth !!
wearing pants, which look fabulous BTW

& NOW, for the absolute WORST DRESSED

no words, except 'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?"
I usually love Marchesa, but seriously?
maybe it was inspired by "Gone With the Wind."

& further....I really really really didn't like Sarah Silverman's introduction to the
simpering Sam Smith, whom I don't like either.

loved that Mark Rylance won Best Supporting Actor, totally deserved...
but then, all of the guys in this category totally deserved the award.
Bridge of Spies, to me, is the Best Picture
& I've seen most of them, but not The Revenant ('cause I'm scared of violence).

Cheering for Leo though !!!!!!


Penelope Bianchi said...

Great calls! I thought Lady Gaga looked like hell in those pants.....(is she the one with the tatoos o the insides of her arms?) I am just too old to think she looks anything but terrible......and....those pants......not flattering....way too complicated; that outfit! To many things to go wrong....and many did! Just my opinion!!!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

You kknow, 1st she is a powerful performer and I think the white represented something to her and the song. The pants seemed to work behind the piano. I do believe her's was one of the most touching moments of the show, no matter what she wore. Cate Blanchett ruled !!

Judy Castaillac said...

My favorite was Cate Blanchett by far.

Penelope Bianchi said...

I have not watched the I should not have commented until I did! Just that picture looked terrible to me.....and I love her! I will watch the whole thing tomorrow....or sometime this week. It was our birthday dinner at our daughter's...and our poor grandchildren couldn't watch either!

the most beautiful and delicious birthday dinner EVER!

I will watch Oscars tomorrow!!
Cate are so one came even close. wow.

The enchanted home said...

You and I were spot post is coming out soon Cate was flawless and never disappoints!! Heidi was a disaster, her stylist should b fired pronto!!! I agree Gaga brought tears to everyone's eyes, she sings with such passion. It was a good show not great but glad Leo finally won!

Cleo from Jersey said...

Ditto on your impressions of Silverman and Smith...but then, some people never mature. Loved the Louis Vuitton...usually I'm tired of the high/low hem, but not on this gown. Did you know that Vuitton does not "second market" his creations? Every outfit that does not sell at the end of the season is burned. And finally, I am so happy to see Lady Gaga as her lovely, talented self. She's made need to be anyone but who she really is!

Emm said...

The Naomi Watts dress was beautiful, very classic. I am not fond of dresses that make me nervous there will be a major wardrobe malfunction, nor can I imagine dealing with the trailing trains so many of them are affecting recently.
There were several too-pale gowns that probably looked nice in person but that photographed poorly on too-pale people -- I wonder if the stylists do dry runs to check the visuals through a lens as well as via sight. That said, the Blanchett dress was also terrific.

La Contessa said...

CATE & ALICIA the BEST hands down.LADY GAGA........NOT MY FAVORITE made her HIPS LOOK BIG!SHE is not a BIG person and look at the chest........whats happening there in this photo!!!
LOOKS like YOU enjoyed THE SHOW as I did for the first time in YEARS!!!!!!!!!PLOPPED on the sofa at 4 o'clock and did not get up until it was over!