Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Suggestions for What To Wear on Oscar Night

in years past I've suggested specific gowns for specific
presenters & nominees....

well, this year I'm doing it a bit easier...
& simply showing you outfits I think

beginning with these exquisite ones from Valentino

below from Alberta Ferretti

this one, from Oscar, is one I WISH someone would wear,
but it's probably too covered up for the stars...
too bad 'cause it's beautiful.

or this one...which is skimpy enough to show some skin & curves,
also Oscar

& below, some images from Elizabeth Taylor's home...
I knew you would want to see them !!!

The dressing room.:

A pile of jewels in the actress’s dressing room.:

Taylor’s cat Fang, roaming over her Chanel shoes.:

A hair-washing station inside the shoe closet.:

& finally, THAT RING !!

The Krupp Diamond given to Taylor by Burton.: