Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Image result for PHOTO teddy roosevelt

a quote from one of the United States of America's 
favorite Presidents, 
Theodore Roosevelt

"we have room but for ONE flag...
the American flag.

we have room but for ONE language here,
& that is the English language,

& we have room but for ONE sole loyalty,
& that is a loyalty to the American people."

as I'm watching the political race take a nose-dive into the ditch,
it's almost impossible to believe this could be happening to us, the American people.

I, myself, am a multi-generational American.

my heritage is both from Ireland and from Italy.
& then it's just plain American.

of course, when my ancestors arrived on the shore there was plenty of room in terms of land,
and room for their hard work.

as we will all remember from our history books,
they were not completely welcomed with open arms at that time.

but they settled in and they blended into the fabric of our society,
and now we are all one.

today is a very different point in time.
we have terrorists

(how did this happen you ask?
well Jimmy Carter let the Shah of Iran fall, a ruler who was friendly with the West,
and one who could have kept a lid on all this had he been allowed to continue to reign).

I live in Houston, Texas so I see the effect of the giant migration from across the border.

heck, we even have a district in the city called "THE MAHATMA GANDHI DISTRICT"

we're welcoming.

however, now we're overwhelmed.  you all know how much it costs for the citizens of this country to support all these people & their children.

our public schools print English on one side, Spanish on the other.

their children get FREE HEALTH CARE,
my children did not, nor do my grandchildren

being tired of all the election broo=ha=ha,
the main thing I think about now is

according to NBC online, the remittances sent back to Mexico from their people working in the USA is 

it exceeded their oil revenue!

so, this amount of $$ is leaving the USA, not being spent here or invested here.
this is HUGE.
& if a wall is built it will be built from the TAXES imposed on the remittances.
that's the way Mexico will pay for it.

I'm not touting one candidate over the other, as for the 1st time in my life I'm seeing people actually become angry over the election.

For me, I hope that we can stem the tide of the global migration to our  country because we
won't even look like ourselves anymore.

please please please don't call me names.
I'm a good woman, a nice woman, not rude to anyone, ever.

I've lived and/or travelled all over the world.
Heck, I can't move to Mexico without proving I can support myself & don't need anything from their government.
Imagine?  We have a hard time MOVING to Mexico or any other country in the world,
but people just walk into ours and take over.

Please think carefully when you vote.

going the way we are, soon there will be more of them than us.
is this what we want?

I don't think so.

& anyone in politics who wants "open borders" is only trying to get votes for their party.

ladies, this is my position, this is my blog, and most of the time I think pretty well.

that quarterback kneeling when the National Anthem is being played,
or the citizens of other countries waving flags from their home country 
just seems BAD.