Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Morning After......

we are entering into a new era,
one in which the mass media does not portend to tell us what matters to
we the people,

& I do think that the media has played a really big part in dividing us so much.

one of my friends is a PhD, the Chairman of the Media Communications Department of a large university,
and he says that all "news" is propaganda.
slanted to whatever view they wish you to see.

I actually didn't realize this.
I thought news was what had actually happened, not just someone's opinion of what happened.
& when we allowed them to do this, and we accepted this as normal,
we began to lose our own identity.

America is a great and glorious country,
we have been through many difficult times,
and no matter what we have come out OK if we all work together
to get something done.

we will do that again now.

thankfully, we won't be diverted every waking moment by the barrage of the election cycle,
which is horrendous, for sure.

let's just get back to normal,
it'll all be OK.