Saturday, January 21, 2017


yesterday my daughter & I went into the little village of Wimberley, Texas,
had breakfast at the local LOCAL joint, 
where, if you stayed long enough, you could meet everyone who lived in the vicinity...
it was GOOD !   good coffee, great service, lively tables & who could resist
biscuits with sausage gravy which I ate with much gusto!

then we walked up & down the shopping area which is filled with quaintness
& charm.

one of shops almost looked exactly like the photo above in their "kitchen" area of
goodies.  they had built a fantasy kitchen filled to the brim with so much beautiful stuff one
could hardly leave it.   & I NEED NOTHING !
but the enticement was enormous, you know?

the shop has something for everyone, including infants, and is a great place for gift-getting.
most things in a moderate price point so that you don't even have to think about it,
you just buy something.

we had a great time !!!
& I found some little lovelies for the girlfriends in Houston.

Patriots are favored, of course.

but that suits me fine!

GO PATS, & on to the SUPER BOWL !!