Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Vail Edit

this one is mine, without me in it !!!
I love it because it's girly without being flashy.

I know most girls don't wear stirrup pants anymore but I DO !!!
I love the sleek way they look, I love the boot coming over the pant leg,
& most of all I think they are warmer.
I wear panty hose underneath, and with the silk socks + the warm wool socks I am totally warm,
without cold feet.

I think this is beautiful, but it's not mine,
to me, it doesn't look too much like ski wear, except for Spring & I can't justify
spending this much money on something so different.
yeah, sometimes, it's about $$$$ isn't it?

there are new trails now, some I've never been on,
& then the oldies but goodies.

long ago when we all learned how to ski, it was in Vail,
& we didn't know the difference, so we had a ski lesson on top of the mountain after a gondola ride from Lion's Head, so on top
of Eagle's Nest !!!
it was literally snowing so hard we could hardly see & I think
the temperatures were around 0 f.
maybe lower.

now we know we were CRAZY !!

I am a terrible skier.
I boulevard ski & have never been on a black run in my life.
the wide runs at Beaver Creek are more my style,
but I don't like Beaver Creek!
I also don't like to fall because, & this is the truth,
I really really really cannot get up with my skis still on.

so, imagine, I remove one ski,, hope to God it stays where it lays,
& then get up.

& I'm an 11 0'clock skier;
there is nothing that could make me get up early enough
to make it when the lifts open.

so 11:00am, ski awhile, then lunch at Mid-Vale,
ski awhile, then go down to get ready for
apres ski cocktails
& then dinner.

sounds good to me. 


  1. the main point always is to have get up it's easy....1. Head always in direction to the hill (perhaps you have to turn your body on the snow) 2. your ski/body in a horizontal
    position to the run 3. get up with the downhill ski at first with the support of your skisticks (already standing with one ski) follow with the other one. If you got it you really deserve a cocktail. Good luck and cheers.

  2. Love the last coat!


  3. Good morning, Marsha! Just spied Melania's pale blue suit. Immediately thought of you my friend! Stunning!

  4. I actually wish I could find some nice stirrup pants that I could aford, as I would wear them for everyday wear! I have never been snow skiing; we went once with 3 other couples for a weekend and it poured rain the whole time:( I used to water ski and absolutely loved it and got pretty good at it too!

  5. I've never snow skied and have no desire to but I do like that apres ski thing going on --- lol.


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