Friday, January 6, 2017

What I Would Like to See During Red Carpet Season

I'm making this little presentation in the high hope that we might see something unexpected
on these beautiful actresses.
well, except for Cate Blanchett who ALWAYS slays.

you know, they wear clinging gowns of a solid color, 
hardly ever a brilliant print which would be
so beautiful, but they must think the print is too overwhelming when 
THEY should shine, themselves.

being a fashion person, it sometimes shocks me how horribly they attire themselves.

& they have stylists, don't they?
now, don't get me wrong...I think Rachel Zoe RULES, 
everything she styles is perfection to me.

anyway, below some of my ideas of outfits I believe should be worn by one of the actresses or presenters.

loving the MIDI length (tea length) this season,
looks new & I like the idea of a leg showing above the shoe.

Marchesa S 2017
love it because it is SO fashionable, the midi length, the beading, 
the entire thing is just so grand

Rodarte S 2017
this black is perfect with the bare waistline, love the movement of the beaded fabric

love this Alberta Ferretti too,
the big bold belt cinches the waist, looking slim, then
the sheer skirting.  beyond beautiful & so happening.

Pink & Gold Zac Posen Spring 2017\
I love this length, especially for the Golden Globes as it's not so formal.

below, Alexander McQueen
Spring 2017
completely awesome ensemble, I think
I know it's very elaborate, but if one can't wear elaborate to the awards shows where would 
one wear them?
the entire effect, head to toe, is wonderful!

also McQueen below
& Cate could definitely wear this one

Armani Prive

Elle Saab Couture
another Cate gown

I haven't seen all the movies this time, I don't know why.
I loved The Accountant with Ben Afflect,
I loved Allied with Brad Pitt

both were overlooked for the awards at the Golden Globes.

that darling Clare Foy who is the Queen in the series The Crown should WIN
& for TV series, American Crime & OJ Simpson should also win.

what are you looking for this year?
do you have a favorite?