Friday, January 6, 2017

Portrait of Ladies

The Afternoon Visit 
by Gustave-Leonard de Jonghe 

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Mary said...

Even the dolly on the floor is beautifully dressed!
Such a wonderful painting and one I was not familiar with - thank you for sharing.

Question for you my dear. On getting back to basic/classic with a twist dressing. Do you have an opinion on Eileen Fisher clothing? I have a few pieces and really enjoy wearing them, however the prices are high. Know the fabrics are excellent and often quite different, and the workmanship seems of high quality, but I can only buy when a really good sale bargain! I have my eye on her black velvet/silk long-sleeved mid-length dress (it is so 'me' for evening) but even on sale is pricey for what it is! Funnily, SAKS seems to have the lowest price which surprises me. Perhaps I need to crank up my Singer machine again - I used to sew all my clothes when younger!

Happy weekend - we are due to get up to 9" of the white stuff!