Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Very Sick Friend

today, I think I may be whining/sharing a bit more than usual

one of my friends, a beautiful lady who will be 83 years old in July has been
extremely ill for the past month.

so has my daughter, who underwent successful surgery here in Houston,
after nearly scaring us to death.

my daughter's prognosis is excellent.

my friend's, however, is not.

she was my late husband's best friend from college and when I met him I also met her.
she and her husband gave us a beautiful engagement party, 
and through the years we have become very close.  
she's like a sister to me, really.
so much fun, knows how to do everything, and never gets tired,

for the past month she has been very weary and in much pain, we have been to the
Urgent Care 5 times

& then to the Methodist Hospital in our Medical Center for a week.
she just came home on last Wednesday.

I've been there constantly.
Her only daughter, who is near 60 and has never worked nor been married, comes
when she feels like it.  She lives 2 blocks from her Mother.
Her son, who lives about 1 hour away, also unfettered, has not come in once to see her.
They are both clueless.  I mean CLUELESS.

I missed my holiday in Italy with all the ladies because of my daughter's emergency surgery,
and have neglected everything else in my life to care for both of them.
My daughter is back home now in the hill country of Texas.

This darling lady needs to appoint someone Power of Attorney, not her kids,
so we can help make decisions for her.
she has literally 100's of friends, however, most of them are her age and have issues of their own.

if anyone needs a hand-holding it is me, right now.

I just sold my opening order for LaLaLand to a fabulous store here in Houston,
they have 2 shops and the buyer ordered for both shops.
Now, I'm onto other boutique children's shops in Texas.

Please pray for Maxine.
It would mean so much to me if our Lord hears from many of us on her behalf.

We may be back in the hospital tomorrow.

and, on top of everything else, there is NO hot water in our building over this weekend.

should I laugh or cry ??

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