Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Take Me Away.....

the saying

when the going gets tough, the tough get going


not so sure about that anymore

can you believe it?

now, my 1st husband, my children's father, is in ICU in Memphis
with double pneumonia?

seriously !!  ??

my girlfriend is in ICU Neuro in Houston, after nearly succumbing yesterday morning
when we found her.

& my first order from an actual retail store needs to be
delivered THIS WEEK !!

life is sometimes very very very difficult, isn't it?


Elizabeth Day said...

Think about it - what on this overwhelming list can you do something about? Do that first and then re-evaluate and go from there. You and God have got this!

Angelica Domato said...

I am sorry you go through al this, but be sure things will go better. Bon courage, you have so many friends on blog and Instagram and we all are wishing you to be well.

Bliss Bliss said...

yes it is Marsha.....I am so sorry your trip was changed, I watched you here develop such enthusium and generosity for
all.....others are so blessed to have you, few in this world care anymore about their fellow man, it is very sad world sometimes ~ xo

Twelve Riches said...

Do the essential, then follow your heart.

LaPouyette said...

Stay strong.
Thinking of you.