Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Eye Candy

 White Wonderland

An all-white home in British Columbia
becomes a holiday haven with glittery
decorations and a shimmering tree.

Santa Display

If you have a collection of holiday decorations, try displaying similar objects together,
like the Santa toys shown here.
The wreath was made by hot-gluing a quirky selection of decorations to a base.

Pinecones & Greenery
Simple & Beautiful

Christmas Card Display
Isn't this a precious way to display our cards?

Cards you've received can quickly double as decorations.
Center a length of thinner ribbon and sew across the top and secure.
Next, sew holding clips (found at office-supply stores) to the ribbon,
allowing space in between each for a card.
Then hot-glue buttons to the ribbon near the clips,
add a bow at the top, and hang from a door.

What a delightful little table-top display
amazingly, with our creative selves we
can make a bright cheerful corner
anywhere when our hearts are
filled with love

keep the spirit of the season
alive by helping someone less
if all of us do this
everyone will have a happy Christmas
across our country.
remember our service men & women
& their children if you are near a
military installation.


Deanna said...

Dear Marsha, This is a fantastic post! I so enjoyed reading this and seeing the great pictures. Got some great ideas that I want to use.

May God bless you and Thank you for being a blogging buddy. It is a pleasure to get to know you better through words, pictures and comments.

Merry Christmas,

Garima Pal said...