Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas, A Time to Help Others

Blessed is the season
which engages the whole world
in a
conspiracy of love.

quote of Hamilton Wright Mabie

What our family & friends will do this year
 is to find a local charity who needs
help feeding & giving
to local men, women & children in need,
not only with simple donations,
but also in actually participating in helping with the serving, meeting the people who need us, and finding our 
own way to give special cheer & encouragement.

Our military families need to know how much
we love & appreciate them,
so if you are near a military base,
find a way to show these feelings to the families who
serve us and our beautiful country.

God Bless you, everyone !!!!

& pass these thoughts around, please

no matter how little we have ourselves, we can
spare a warm thought, word or deed
during this one time of year when so many of the Earth's
people are celebrating Christmas.



Deanna said...

Dear Marsha, Not only are the Christmas Trees gorgeous, but your post today is so beautifully written.

Words of grace and deep thought.
Merry Christmas to you,

Greet said...

Love your words!!