Saturday, December 12, 2009

Images of Christmas 2009

I have always loved all the packages
to be wrapped similiarly,
my sense of organization, I guess. 
This is so easy and so very beautiful, isn't it?

Go ahead, take a wedding cake design you love
and have it made for your Christmas party this year.
I did this one year, made the cake red, embellished with  fresh red roses,
and it was a smash!
I stood them on 3 different glass cake risers, standing high on my dessert table
and everyone wanted their picture taken with "the cake." 
I loved it !!!!
These are very special hand-made ornaments,
a lovely gift to a hostess, isn't it?

signing off today with a lovely poem for Christmas

True Christian Christmas

"Christmas isn't showy gifts
Or glittering decoration;

It's honoring our Savior, Jesus Christ
In humble adoration.

It's serving those less fortunate,
Meeting their needs before our own;
It's making sure at Christmas time
That no one is alone.

It's taking what we would have spent
On things that no one needs,
And using it to help someone
With service and good deeds.

Our Savior showed us how to live
With charity, faith and service.
It makes the holidays a joy,
More peaceful, and less nervous.

So let's remember Christmas
is about our Savior's birth;
That's the way to happiness,
The way to peace on earth"

please find some time to donate your services & your
teens too to help take care of the truly needy in
our neighborhoods.  Life is so much harder today then
it used to be.  Take a chance on someone, give them hope.
from Marsha

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Truly beautiful post and poem Marsha. The cake you made sounded stunning. So much to love about the holidays. I do hope you got my email? I felt bad that it took me days to respond. I've now have no voice and still struggling with a bug. As soon as I am on the mend I will give you a jingle. In the mean time, wishing you a lovely, joyous weekend my friend. xoxo