Monday, December 21, 2009

Simply Beautiful Christmas Images

All images are courtesy of a beautiful blog
I've just discovered called
classy and glamorous

I don't know what country she's in (maybe Greece?), but everything she does
is interesting and beautiful, and probably would be even better if I could
translate her writing.  lol
my story with her photos

a little simple home

decorated for Christmas, oh my, who shall we invite to the party?

should I wear this outfit?  my legs are still good, don't know about the upper arms...

well, let me try this on and see.  well, you know, I'll just call Karl

perfect for the stairway, but grandma's gown will catch fire !!

how I do adore our Christmas tree, the one in the main salon is 22' high, but
this is how it's decorated

isn't this precious & perfect for our little grandchild?
we worked on this stocking for 10 months before we got it right!!!

& you know, recycling is all the rage now, isn't it?

my son said he preferred something more natural...

but I just couldn't let those urns go unused

& a silver tray filled with vintage ornaments we've grown up with

over at my girlfriend's house, she LOVES Tiffany Blue

I told you, she LOVES Tiffany

our breakfast table this morning

somewhere we dream of


Have a Blessed Christmas,  Keep Love in Your Heart,
and Remember Our Military Service People with Honor & Prayers


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Marsha this post is gorgeous. Each photo is stunning and they paint the perfect story as you unfolded it. I am so sad that I have not had the time to connect with you. I got a call from my father asking me to fly home right away on Sunday. He was worried that mom was not going to live past Christmas and wanted me to be here. It is my wish to wish you a very special holiday and I am hoping to get home before you begin that next, exciting chapter of your life. My thoughts are with you this Christmas. xx deb

Maria said...

Thanks for your comment to my blog. You have a very interesting job/career according to your profile!

By the way, I'm from Finland. It's in the north of Europe, a little land between Sweden and Russia :)

Deanna said...

What a pleasant place to visit this morning! I have enjoyed your beautiful post as I visited your site.

Very refreshing!

God Bless you and have a sweet Christmas, my friend.