Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perfect Bedroom

I have always loved big comfy beds...perfectly made, visually beautiful.
This photo comes to me from a lovely friend who knows
I have mirrored chests on each
side of my bed.  This room is not exactly like mine,
this one is much younger-looking
with the dark hardwoods & fur rugs.

However, the stainless steel bed frame is exactly like the one Ned
had when I married him 10 1/2 years ago.  With the "other" decor
in the room it scared me, literally, to death.
I insisted he allow me to change it.  He said "NO."  
Why?  It was the same bed he had when he was married before. 
That made it so much worse.  Then he told me, "No, she
took the other bed, but he went out and bought one just like it."

It took me 7 years to change that bed, meanwhile,
I created my own bedroom upstairs,
where he would visit. 

Wouldn't you know, this damn bed continues to haunt my life...and now here it
is again.

Life does have some quirks, doesn't it?


Deanna said...

Hi Marsha.
It sure does!
God Bless,

Juls~ said...

Hi Girl!

This is just too funny! But you are right, this room is Delish!~ I have a taupe bedspread that is very, very similar and now, I wonder if should run out this summer and get a white duvet and skirt to give it a bit of pop!