Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Is All We Need

'Some Like It Hot'

Taking a break from impersonating a girl in an all-woman band in
"Some Like It Hot," lothario Tony Curtis cross-dresses
up in captain's cap and yachting jacket
to make a play for luscious Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe).
Doing an over-the-top Cary Grant... more drawl,
he confesses that love leaves him cold ever since
his childhood sweetheart fell into the Grand Canyon
just as they were about to lock lips.
Despite Freud, the Mayo Clinic, Balinese dancing girls,
French upstairs maids and all the mineral oil that money
 could buy, this poor little rich boy can't rise to the occasion.
All sweet sympathy, Monroe begins to work her magic,
aided by champagne, soft music and dim lighting.
As torrid kiss follows torrid kiss, the supine Curtis
ever-more-weakly insists his libido can't be resurrected.
 Reduced finally to a simmering puddle of lust,
he takes off his steamed-up spectacles and surrenders:
"I've got a funny sensation in my toes,
like someone was barbecuing them over a slow flame."
Sugar, delighted,  says,
 "Let's throw another log on the fire."
proving again...


Simone said...

The cosmic connection strikes again! I just love this film, it would definitely be in my top ten movies of all time.....fabulous performances by Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis - who even looks gorgeous dressed as a woman!

And Marilyn is wonderful in it although I have read so much criticism of her during filming...most of it from Tony Curtis. Wonderful movie though, so funny.

Happy Valentines!


Deanna said...

Dear Marsha, Your post puts me in the mood to watch this movie! again.
May you have a SwEeT and HaPpY Valentine's Day.
Sending my luv your direction in blogland, my friend.
Enjoyed your writing,
d from homehaven in good ole Kansas