Monday, March 22, 2010

Amalfi Coast of Italy

I need say nothing more...this is my favorite place on


As we go along this week I'll show you some images from my
visits to Italy.  The fabulous shots were taken by my son, Steve,
who is a commercal photographer of some note.  Some are just
family photos taken by my dear incapacitated husband, Ned, who
always had a camera in his hand.  I knew when we went the last time
it would be his final trip to Europe and I planned every little detail
to make him happy, including taking our 7.5 lb poodle, FiFi, with us.

me with FiFi

this image is the wallpaper on my computer,
I see it every day and still marvel at the beauty.

we rented a villa between Sorrento & Positano in a little place called
Massa Lubrense
where we had a 180 view of the Mediterranean Sea.
a place we could enjoy without any stress, a pool and
this view that only God could give you.

The hotel where Ned & I stayed on our 1st visit to Sorrento
Hotel Bellevue Syrene

the hotel's beautiful dining terrace overlooking the steep cliff & the sea

Daytime in the Villa Pompeiana Restaurant with view to Vesuvius

evening in the hotel's formal dining room,
everything white glove service,
& the most beautifully presented plates of Italian cuisine.

hotel's beach area...aren't the umbrellas just too pretty for words?
the hotel had a grotto with a real swimming pool, but it was mostly in the
shade in the afternoons, and the social part of me & Ned wanted to be
among the other visitors.

craft like this were common-place, as were huge sailing night
when they had all their lights on the rigging & around the sides if you
were driving on the coast road high above the sea you could see how
beautiful the aquamarine water is...each time I saw this I gasped with delight.

my little yacht

just another little street scene

below, some of the jewelry I might wear in this part of the world,
 created in our Studio Splenderosa

kyanite, aquamarine & blue topaz, with iolite

genuine stick coral on sterling

14k gold with peridot, topaz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, blue topaz, tournamine  

14k gold with angel skin turquoise

multi-strand top-drilled freshwater pearls with vintage pendant
18k gold single strand necklaces with single drop of
various semi-precious stones,
which could be any material one desired,
all faceted by hand
freshwater keshi pearls with green amethyst

Hand Braided Peridot Rondelles
with large Green Amethyst Pendant

                                       Large Aquamarine Rondelles w/14K Gold Chain

Funky Multi-Strand Necklace, to just throw on and go
14K Gold Hand Faceted Chain, Angel Skin Turquoise Rope

Bracelet, Blue Crystal Quartz, Peridot, Tourmaline, Jade
& Freshwater Pearls
Sterling Silver Wired Cuff
with various pink stones & pearls,
Swarovski crystals add sparkle
Bracelet, Angel Skin Turquoise Beads Hand Wired on
Sterling with vintage Clasp
4 Bracelets Stacked
Various Art Glass Beads, Vermeil Bali Beads
with Turquoise & Peruvian Opal

and the perfect outfit, one you could literally wear every day
Italian Etro
note:  add a bra or cami

special note, don't wear jeans

the most wonderful reason to rent a house/villa is that if many people are travelling
it ends up being almost the same price as a hotel room,
but you have a big piece of property, your own pool,
your own kitchen, your own laundry, a housekeeper/cook,
and the ability to immerse yourself into the local go shopping for wines, groceries, fruits, vegetables,
fish, wines, local delicacies, wines
and you have the time for true friendships to develop with
the local shopkeepers, restaurant owners, etc.
We celebrated Ned's birthday at a little trattoria
owned by our housekeeper's son...on a little sidewalk in Sorrento.
We met people from England, Ireland & Germany who all
had birthday cake with us.

The homes we've rented have been in locations we had been previously
so we knew we wanted to go back and
spend a lot more time soaking up everything. 
For me, those places are always on the water somewhere.

Tomorrow, photos of the villa we rented + Positano
& more fashion & jewelry


Diya said...

omgosh... that looks like the most perfect place to spend the rest of eternity. thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos... and I love the first pair of earrings!

ps. check out my blog at:

Deanna said...

Oh Marsha! This place is glorious!!! I can see why it's your favorite place on the planet.
Delighted in seeing your pictures.
Storybook beautiful.

joanny said...

This is wonderful -- can't wait to follow along with your marvelous trip-- your jewelry is absolutely stunning, and so calming. and reflects the sunlight bouncing off the Sea.
You will surely be noticed when wearing those earrings or necklaces --
Eye catching gems, that captures the sunlight that is marvelously intense in that part of the world that in turn inspires creativity and art.

Kristin said...

I now understand why you love the amalfi coast! I am serious...I have to go to that hotel! I would really like to experience a meal with that splendid view! Thanks for sharing wonderful travel experiences!!

Kristin said...

I now understand why you love the amalfi coast! I am serious...I have to go to that hotel! I would really like to experience a meal with that splendid view! Thanks for sharing wonderful travel experiences!!

Lise said...

Oh how I love the Amalfi Coast. Your images are amazing!! We were there in October 08 and the beach at Amalfi was not adorned with the beach umbrellas. Thank you for taking me back there.......A place I must return to.

Jenn said...

Thank you!!

I'm planning an italian vacation for this summer and couldn't decide where to go. Decision made.

Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it :)

Regina said...

Breathtaking images.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a great weekdays.

Francine Gardner said...

Is this real or am I in a dream...After 12 hours of packing in a basement, i just read your post and your amazing photos....can life really be so beautiful?? Enjoy every moment of it and thanks for these inspirational images

Bardot in Blue said...

these pictures are amazing! I am dying to go now, I went to Monaco and had a little taste of what the Italian coast must be like but these pictures are to die for. AND the jewelry your hair paired to match it perfect!

xoxo Bardot in Blue

P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following yours :-D

Cashon&Co said...

wow. i thouroughly enjoyed this post! The photos of the Italian coast are incredible. It makes me want to go back. and then I get treated with pics of gorgeous jewelry! How perfect! I am dying over the multi-strand pearl necklace with the art noveau pendant. Wow. off to go read more!

La Dolfina said...

I am so glad you found me and brought me back. What an amazing post to wake up to! I feel so relaxed and refreshed after scrolling through these images!! And to top if off, your jewelry is stunning to say the least. How many times have you been to the Amalfi Coast and how long do you stay? Wow, it is now on my list of fantasy vacations thanks to you :)
I look forward to tomorrow and many more visits... you are a delightful hostess :)

Simone said...

Oh Marsha....something about this post made me feel really emotional....maybe just the sheer beauty, Positano is somewhere I have always wanted to visit....your photos are absolutely stunning.

I love the photo of you....I know you have a tiny photo of you on your blog....but in the photo with Fifi you look just like I imagined you to look.....if that makes sense!! You remind me of someone will come to me!

Your jewellery is beautiful....I love the turquoise and aquamarine earrings especially, you are very talented.

I can't wait to see more photos....I could look at them all day long!


Maya said...

Thanks for sharing your trip! I have been to the Amalfi coast a very long time ago when I was still living in Switzerland. I'd love to go back..., and renting a house sounds like the way to go!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Marsha,
What stunning photos, your son is talented. I'm so close but have yet to go to the Amalfi coast - what's wrong with us?
Your jewelry is gorgeous. The twisted peridot rondelles really caught my eye. Each piece is trés elegant.
A beintôt,

Juls~ said...


Beautiful post & lovely photos of your trip! So dreamy! And what beautiful memories ... makes me want to go. The jewelry you've created is stunning! Love the mermaid piece - all of it!

And you are so pretty with your little FiFi! We'd be quite the crew with my little GiGi! ;)



Julie@beingRUBY said...

ahhh.. more cry worthy material.. i'm reading your posts backwards at the moment... can't wait for more... I posted a similar photo of Santa Maria Maddalena ... Atrani.. so beautiful... ok off to pour over old travel photos.. thanks

Laura said...

Ciao Marsha! Beautiful beautiful photos and travel memories! :-) I'm loving your whole Amalfi Coast Series. Thanks for telling me about them on Ciao Amalfi! This jewelry is just gorgeous!!! Wow!!

Mia said...

Nice stuff. Amalfi coast is one of the nicest Sorrento sightseeing. Amalfi coast is something that I have never seen. It is narrow and is next to the cliffs.
I am delighted that I got to see this hilarious, beautiful and fascinating place.

Entertaining Women said...

Well, you sold me. We just booked several nights at the Bellevue Syrene while we're in Italy in April. I'll carry your dear Ned and you in my heart as we explore this magnificent spot. Thank you for introducing me to this small slice of heaven. Cherry Kay