Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ELEGANCE, A-Z Challenge, Today is E


Grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners;
Restraint and grace of style;
The beauty of an idea characterized by minimalism and intuitiveness
while preserving exactness and precision;
A refinement or luxury

My thinking is that Cary Grant & Grace Kelly sum the word elegance
up completely.  Images of these 2 no matter the circumstance or age, would
perfectly describe elegance.

Of course, there are many more...

"I define elegance by the Audrey Hepburn method. You have to understand that Audrey Hepburn's fame was in a particular time period where the idea beauty of a woman was blonde, big chested and slutty in nature. Audrey Hepburn was small chested, brunette, and very petite with very large feet, and eyes that looked just like a deer looking upon a car that was about it impact them."

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) When Audrey Hepburn ate a Danish while gazing at a Tiffany’s window, the little black dress she wore became the crown jewel in any woman’s wardrobe. Created by her favorite designer, Givenchy, it highlighted her slight figure with simple, straight lines. That wasn’t the only fashion influence exerted by this classic 1961 comedy, one of the last films made with a sense of old Hollywood glamour. As ticket sales soared, so did sales of triple-strand pearl necklaces, sleeveless dresses and oversized sunglasses. But it is the little black dress, dubbed by Manolo Blahnik as “Divine!” and recently auctioned off for $900,000, that established a new standard for elegance that endures even today.

James Dean

Catherine Deneuve, photographed by Helmut Newton

Catherine Deneuve, Print Ad for Louis Vuitton

does Leo remind you of James Dean?

There are so many different types of elegance...
like the elegance of a person (the way she or he moves, behaves and acts),
the elegance of apparel, the elegance of mathematics, interiors, etc. 
or the elegance of the way my poodle walks.

For me, beauty means absolutely nothing if one lacks elegance.
And elegance is much much more difficult to achieve. 

In the words of Coco Chanel...

"Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence,
but of those who have already taken possession of their future. "

Of course, each of us know elegant people in our personal life's circle, I'm
using these movie stars because we are all familiar with their
qualities, all seemingly inherent to them.

When YOU think of elegance
is there one person who
comes to your mind? 
Share with us.

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  1. You are amazing... Sticking to the challenge and not skimping on your beautiful posts. Who do I think is elegant?... tough one now a days... with life being so casual.

  2. OK, Shiny Pebble, I know you can think of SOMEONE. lol. Yes, life is very casual, but it isn't just the apparel that makes one elegant or have elegance. Like Keira Knightly or Natalie Portman or Kate Blanchette or George Clooney, or Anna Wintour, just people currently in the news. And, believe me, my poodle, FiFi, is elegant and walks with elegance.
    I want everyone to play this game today...

  3. Oooh. Ok, I thought of one. Nicole Kidman. When you said Keira Knighly I remember that Nicole and Keira were in the Chanel commercials and oh my gosh they both look fab. Nicole always looks good, post Tom Cruise. There. Better? :)

  4. Nicole Kidman, absolutely. She is elegant and has elegance. Catherine Deneuve also did the Chanel years ago. Thank you for updating our list.

  5. Reese Witherspoon seems to exude casual elegance. She never looks harried, or overly made up...just beautiful, self assured, and poised. Great Post.

  6. Good Morning Marsha Sweetie...
    When I think of elgance I think of Elizabeth Taylor. Yes she is elegant to a "T". I have always loved her acting and her mannerisms are just so classy. Yep she is the one for me.

    Thank you for stopping by today and I am always so thrilled if I can have just one person walk away from my blog with a "happy heart". I have so much fun trying to put the right things together to make it click. It is like putting a puzzle together for me. I so enjoy blogging and meeting wonderful people like yourself. Thank you for allowing me to call you friend. I am so honored.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  7. I agree with you 100% when you say that beauty means absolutely nothing if one lacks elegance. And Coco Chanel's quote is so true as well.

    I know a few very elegant women and men in my life. I have a Great Aunt who defines elegance in my mind....she is the epitome of it. Always has and always will. As for a better known person, I'd have to go with Olivia Palermo. No matter what negativity is said about her, and I'm not so sure that I believe every nasty thing that is said, she always seems to carry herself with grace.

    Great post! xoxo

  8. To Alternative...yes, your great aunt is like the perfect example of people in our lives who just "have it." We all learn from these people as we grow up, and it's not till much later that we realize the influence they have on us. Great point AW.

  9. To Country Wings/Yvonne...absolutely definitely positively we are FRIENDS. xx's Marsha

  10. When I think of elegant I think of time periods. Jane Austin etc.

    I also think of a wonderful series on PBS called, "Larkrise to Candleford"

    Someone who is strong in character and yet shows restraint.

    Love the Grace Kelly and Cary Grant picture.

  11. To Simple Beauty, when I was thinking of this post I always went back in time to the periods you're describing, like Jane Austen. Do you think we're in danger of becoming too casual?

  12. Bonjour Marsha,

    I'm still catching up on all the fabulous posts I misssed over Easter. I agree elegance has nothing to do with outward beauty, it is that certain something that some people just seem to have.

    The two most elegant people I've ever know was my Father and Mother. They are both in Heaven now, but both were were so elegant! In looks, dress and the way they presented themselves was part of it yes, but there was another quality that drew everyone in. Perhaps it was sincerity and the genuine way they treated everyone.

    I think being a 'lady' or a 'gentleman' is true elegance!

    Wonderful series Marsha,

  13. Wonderful post Marsha.

    I agree with you about Grace Kelly, for me she defines elegance - her daughter Princess Caroline is always very well dressed too. Catherine Deneuve too, I have always been a big fan of hers.

    Cary & George too.

    Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn....much harder to think of younger people though.


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