Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashionizing Virtually, aka "HELP"

will you help me
choose Catherine's accessories

OMG, it's Wednesday again, and this time someone named
Greige is virtually re-doing Catherine's dining room.

Well, her name is really Christina
and she has a beautiul blog called 
anyway, just in case you've been gone to the other hemisphere, 
Catherine at The Shiny Pebble

 is having her dining room virtually redone by
some of our finest interior designers over the next few weeks,
a different designer each week.
 Each Monday she sends me an inspiration board, a little snippet,
of what the designer for that week will, kinda, be doing. 

I and/or WE will be wardrobing, outfitting, appareling, accessorizing
what the lovely Catherine will be wearing when she entertains in her
new room for the 1st time.

So here's the room:

you can hop over to Catherine's blog to see more details

So, I'm supposed to choose something for her to wear
for an at-home

Cocktail Party
a kick-off party for one of her charity benefits and causes.

She is a stunningly beautiful Brazilian woman,
so this isn't a problem at all.
Except that I've chosen 2 different ways to accessorize this
fabulous Max Mara Spring 2010 outfit.

And, you need to vote
so I'll know which pieces to send over
 to Catherine for her party.

the halter neckline is simple & lovely,
 but for an OCCASION why not wear something smashing?
The intricate necklace should hang just right around her neckline
to cover the dress as it draws up to tie in back.

Love the turquoise we've added to Greige's decor,
and the bright satsuma-colored dress.
Cuff Bracelets on Both Wrists,
just so much more symmetrical that way, don't you think?

And, then the rather simple, but still in-the-theme of the necklace, earrings.
14k gold with real freshwater pearls and angel skin turquoise.

Or this...

Necklace that is big & bold
with chunks of  turquoise and wooden beads,  vintage chains
& seashells.
Piles of these bracelets, all different, but with the same elements...
Turquoise, Chalcedony, Citrine, Tourmaline
& these 14k gold hand-crafted earrings with little dangles of turquoise.

No contest here,
  these fabulous $1200 Fendi shoes
with either outfit
(maybe they'll be on sale soon)

so tell us, if you were entertaining at home,
which of these groups would you choose:
the big flowered necklace group
or the chunky turquoise group

in case there was a question...
I think you can tell I'm a very flamboyant and fashionable woman.
I'm tall & used to be very thin,  now not thin but OK, 
and can wear the wildest styles and make them look right.

When dressing someone else,
their personality or demeanor,  size, and the occasion 
are all taken into consideration;
 also their place in the world
(like the wife of a top executive, or a female artist,
or a female business person, or an heiress).

This is how I decided on Catherine's outfit today.

(can you imagine getting paid to do this work,
work you absolutely LOVED?
Wonder if I can get my old job back?)

" Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."
Oscar Wilde


  1. First of all let me tell you that you chose a very beautiful dress ! don't even get me started on the sandals, they're.. out of this world, so gorgeous!As for the accessories I'd pick the second set ..for an at-home party it seems more discreet while still striking!
    aaah.. If I could I'd do this job FOR FREE!
    Have a lovely day
    xx Flaviana

  2. Hum... tough choice! I would go with the big flowered necklace group because the necklace makes me smile and the cuff bracelet is gorgeous with that dress. What a fun project! :-)

  3. I do look forward to see what sort of fashion you will be showing each day, though I am a casual dresser I love to see how others do dress.

    Have a nice day.


  4. Hi Marsha
    Interesting options and many inspiracion.A pleasure to visit you today.

  5. Oooooh! Tough one. I love them both. Maybe I can change my accessories half way thru the night? I love that second necklace, though. Hmmm... wouldn't I love to have this problem of actually having to choose which Gorgeous piece to wear?

  6. Good Morning Marsha Sweetie...
    No contest for me, I would pick the big flowered necklace group, hands down. I love the look with this dress. So elegant and beautiful. What a beautiful selection you have made, and I can definitely see this dress in this room. Outstanding job sweetie.

    Have a gorgeous day. So happy you are enjoying my tour of the East Coast. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  7. Catherine would look stunning in the big flowered necklace group.

  8. What a fabulous selection! Love the design and color of the dress. Awesome shoes. I would choose the chunky turquoise group. I would love to have that group for myself!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Oh......the cuffs would look fabulous. I don't think I'd wear any other piece. SO GORGEOUS and you are one lucky ducky=0)


  10. Oooh, the top pic, with the cuff! Love that! I always go for bold! Gorgeous stuff here, lovely lady!

  11. i have been dreaming of those shoes for so long! agh. i love your blog. im now addicted and your newest follower. xo

  12. I love it!! What a wonderful way to make the evening special!



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