Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Butchart Gardens

Victoria, BC, Canada

a trip worth making

 "Fifty-five acres of wonderful floral display are open to the public,
 offering spectacular views from the many paths that
meander through the four main gardens.
 In 1904, Jennie Butchart began to beautify a worked-out quarry site
left behind from her husband's pioneering efforts in the
manufacture of portland cement.
The family's commitment to horticulture and hospitality spans 100 years,
and continues to delight visitors from all over the world.
From the exquisite Sunken Garden to the charming Rose Garden,
the gracious traditions of the past are still maintained
in one of the loveliest corners in the world."

this was originally going to be my "G" Garden post...
I think this is so whimsical, so cute, so pretty
and just wonderful for a casual ladies luncheon anywhere...
little flower seed packets tied around a napkin...
with anything, silk, string, raffia,
but I was reminded today
when reading Dominique Browing's

of the way our minds meander around
when we start working on something creative,
and I immediately thought of the lovely seed packets
sold at Buchart Gardens,
where I was lucky enough to visit 1 1/2 years ago.

thinking, of course, how very lovely these particular packets would
look on a table setting.

Then, my immediate thought was that the post should be about

Butchart Gardens

I had known of this fairyland for some time
and vowed I would make the trek
from Houston to Seattle, rent a car and drive/ferry
over to Victoria to see them for myself.

What I saw that day is imprinted in my mind forever. 
There is no need for me to show you
lovely photos...
just go to their website, which is wonderful,

There are many tabs, you can read the history of the gardens,
about the family who still owns the property,
and be directed to many videos off their site
which they recommend.
If you decide to visit their site,
just prepare to spend 10-15 minutes
 the 1st time because the images will take your breath away.

even though you know there are 100's of other people also visiting,
 you never see many as you wander around this beautiful place;
it sits just alongside the ocean so no matter where you look
the vista will delight you. 
In summer, they have fireworks in evenng,
and all the pathways & trees are illuminated
with the most intelligent lighting I've ever seen.



I feel this A-Z Challenge is cramping my is just SO
difficult to contain my mind with ONE it really is a


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful garden! Nature can be so breathtaking!

xx's Kristin


Beautiful gardens , I love to visit places like that, I find them so relaxing.
Loved the post,

Have a lovely day.


Wow it looks lovely! I've been to Victoria but never there. Guess it's time for another visit :)

Raquel Byrnes said...

How gorgeous! I love the seed packets as place settings idea. I think I'll use that in my spring tea!