Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Good Wife, TV, & Julianna

I was not familiar with Julianna Margulies until
The Good Wife

Now, I'm completely hooked, and even believe her
husband, the same man who's SJP's husband in
Sex & The City, is believable. 
Do you feel the same way?

Some recent pics of JM & her decade +
younger husband, who's an attorney for some
big company in NYC

Latest issue of "W" + an inside page

Do any of you watch "The Good Wife" and, if so,
what do you think of the show,
 and of Christine Baranski? 

multi-strand, garnets, freshwater pearls, and SS fret-work Bali beads


Karena said...

Margulis is beautiful, and her handsome husband Wow! A great actor, great body. Wow that ist image is astounding!

Art by Karena

Rosemary said...

I loove the Good Wife!! I am tired of most of the reality shows and this is really such a great, well written show and it has Mr. Big in it! What more could we want! I also love the girl that plays the assistant who wears the to-the-knee boots, can't think of her name. I think Christine Baranski is great and I love Josh Charles as well. Just a great cast. Didn't know she had a younger and adorable husband..good for her. She is a stunner all on her own!!!

The Zhush said...

I don't watch the show, but I remember her from ER and The Sopranos...she is such a beauty and such a great actress! (beautiful garnet necklace too btw!) :)


So beautiful, that first dress was quite breathtaking. loved the post,


Plantress said...

I love that necklace

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Marsha
Well I have been a fan of Julianna's since her days in the original ER series... she's been a favourite ever since... although quiet .. a couple of movies I really enjoyed.. but so far I haven't watched that much of The Good Wife...

I must say though she is a natural beauty... just gorgeous.. not pretentious.. the sort of woman that looks good with or without makeup... that first image in the flowing red dress is beautiful.... beautiful.. just like Julianna Julie

Juls~ said...

Hi Marsha!

Wow! This is such a cool necklace and fits the post perfectly, as well as my neck ;) You are soooo talented.

I've been traveling to golf tournys and working on the banquet slideshow, photos, etc. Lots going on lately!

Thinking of you, girl!



Maya said...

The Good Wife is one of my favorite shows!

Jenn said...

Seriously, this woman does not age. Beautiful.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Isn't she amazing? I loved her in ER and even more so now!
Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my contest :)

Fifi Flowers said...

She is soooo beautiful... j'adore that first RED dress... FAB!!!


I've had a few orders for the red dress!

The Good Wife is on NBC @ 10PM Eastern, Tuesday night.

Jenny said...

We love this show. She is so classy and different then many actresses on TV today.

Kasnar Burns said...

I was told that Juliana Marguiles was recently on the talk show Anderson. I always thought she was very beautiful -since I first discovered her on ER. I suspect that one of her beauty secrets is she doesn't subject her skin to sun damage. I was a little surprised to see that her husband was so youthful looking but it turns out he is 6 years younger. I agree that the Good Wife is one of the better dramas on TV these days. The story lines do demand your focus and obviously require good writers.