Thursday, April 1, 2010

A is for April & ART

I have almost joined the
A-Z Challenge
over at

And since I haven't really committed and I was going to
post something anyway about all the different forms of


I thought this could just work to be included in the
madness of posting something each day in April
except Sunday,  running through all the letters of the alphabet.

Beginning today April 1st with an A

Sometimes, we question what someone else thinks of as art.
Hideous pieces hanging in galleries, etc.
A really ugly dress.

But, in truth, ART surrounds us everyday.

The performing & visual arts...we all know & recognize them.

And, BTW, my son is a photographer of the commercial kind, but has
begun to have many private collectors who want his work in their homes
...he decided not to put his photo images into "museum" frames, but
to find a more creative way to show them. 
He devised a way to put together "found" and/or "recycled" materials
and created a one-of-a-kind frame for each image


& though he didn't originally think he was creating a work of art
in these frames, that is what they have become.

So now, we have the "art" of photography & the "art" of crafting
these very beautiful & precisely made boxes in which he mounts his image. 

my favorite image captured with the perfect light,
looking like a painting more than a photograph,
an old stand of huge banana plants in
Costa Rica after a rainstorm.
A photographer getting the perfect shot is an artist.

and then we could classify many other things as art, for example

culinary skills, as practiced by Cannelle & Vanille, see on my sidebar
the art of beautiful writing, Vicki Archer, French Essense
the art of beautiful dressmaking
the art of setting a awesome table
the art of gardening
the art of growing splendid tomatoes
the art of wrapping packages like Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life
the art of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and so many other
sports figures who are at the top of their game.
our hairdressers, our dressmakers, our cake designers
& florists, and for sure, the guys who work on our cars &
get it right the 1st time.
the visual creative people who style store windows, displays
throughout the store to keep a theme cohesive.
the person who did the lovely illustrative drawing at the top of this post
is definitely an artist.
the doctors who do brilliant work.

and an entire universe which we find in blogging of women & men
who are so excellent at what they do they, too, are artists.

& the very difficult art of communication, and on & on

anyone who does ANYTHING & is the peak of perfection when doing it is an

one doesn't learn the refinementsof life without studying,
and no one is given the art of gracefulness, graciousness, humor
without cultivating the style of these art forms.

You know what I mean.
Let's look around us everyday and be thankful for all the various
forms ART takes in our lives.
Oh yes, it does take extra time to be an artist, but it is so so worth it
when you know you've produced something divine.

Even making a proper bed is truly an art form, as I've been told
by many house guests.

  • Lee, the leader of our A-Z group, suggested I do A for Amethyst,
so here is a list of  semi-precious stones beginning with a A

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xx's Marsha



  1. Dear Marsha, This is a great post. Wonderful photographs and most fitting and interesting frames from your son.

    May you have a wonderful Easter.

    Getting ready to put something on my blog about your Give Away. Whoever receives this lovely jewlry is one lucky person. Your jewlry is fantastc.

    God bless,

  2. Hi Marsha,
    You started so I'm thinking you are committed to the A-Z challenge. How fun that your son has found his own niche. Also the past two postings showcasing your gorgeous designs are FAB!
    I have updated my bloglist and added your blog. Also, I twitted about your giveaway yesterday. Good luck!

  3. I hope you're going to keep posting on the A to Z challenge because that first post was wonderful. Art can be appealing or not necessarily so--I've seen both kinds and initially prefer the more attractive pieces. However, I think it is important art makes one think or reaches within and evokes emotions or memories.

    I am especially partial to art. One of my daughters is a young artist and has a website where you can see some examples of her work.

    Very nice post, Marsha, and thought provoking as well. I didn't realize there were so many gemstones that began with "A". Looking forward to tomorrow.

  4. Marsha:

    Art is the wordless paragraphs of unlimited possibilities.

    Love the art work and photos on your blog-- your son gets his creative talent from dear.


  5. Wonderful, wonderful, photographs, I do hope you continue with the madness of submitting each day to the challenge.

    Have a lovely day.

  6. Your brother's work is fabulous and thank you for introducing me to the A to Z challenge...quite interesting.
    It appears you've found your calling as well; truly lovely gem work!

  7. Marsha

    I tried leaving a comment but it did not go through -- so this may be a duplicate ---

    I rather think art is the wordless paragraphs of unlimited possibilities. Your son is very talented as are you -- guess it runs in the family.

    I enjoy your posts and being a very visual person love the photo's.



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