Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Essence of Summer

white on the Positano beach

girls just wanna have fun, it's true...

(i know you're smiling now)

Splenderosa Bracelet
White Freshwater Pearls
hand-braided onto silk
with rose & crystal quartz, white onyx.

Splenderosa Earrings
Sterling Silver Circle Dangles
Crystal Quartz, White Coin Pearls, Swarovskis

Splenderosa Earrings
14k Gold Coral Branch etc., with
White Coin & Keishi Pearls

White YSL in Santa Barbara

Splenderosa Necklace
1-of-a-kind Giant Seashell
hand embellished with
Freshwater Pearls
& Vintage Stones

I've had such a lovely response to the "white" postings this week inspiring I could go on forever...


Saturday is


the continuing fantasy story
will unfold another chapter lots of homework to do



Lovely looking at all those summer clothes while we still have a strong winter chilly breeze.

Desde my Ventana said...

Wonderful an refreshing post.I'm dreaming of summertime....
Have a lovely weekend Marsha,

Francine Gardner said...

can i just be one of these girls???? I love white in summer and your necklaces are so soft, beautiful and perfect for the summer days to come. Thank you for your kind comment, I feel as I am starting a brand new business...

Charlotta Ward said...

Positano.. I am dreaming!
I share your love for Italy. The Amalfi coast, Calabria, Capri, Sicily.. *sigh*

Yes, you are so right - girls just want to have fun and I have a big smile on my face having looked at those pictures! How lovely!

Speaking of lovely, I just adore the bracelet! What a wonderful composition. I love the simplicity of the layered fresh water pearls and then that stunning cluster of stones.
You are so talented Marsha.

Have a relaxing weekend!

xx Charlotta

P.s. And now I see that email button.. :) Thank you.

Renee Finberg said...

i have always had a thing for the coin pearls.
beautiful post.
thank you for all you fabulous comments.

Simone said...

Oh, I want to be one of these girls pretty....can I be the one on the beach in Positano please?!

Happy Week-end :)

The Zhush said...

I love White all year round...but especially in the Summer!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Beautiful white! The jewelry is fabulous as always. Love the shell necklace!
And I am waiting for the next pink installment!
I always am so happy when I visit you.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Love all the white! I really like the White Coin & Keishi Pearls earings!

~ Tracy

Deanna said...

Dearesr Marsha,
May you have a sweet week-end!

Luv the whites. Very crisp and refreshing to see.

Gorgeous jewelry, my friend! You're one talented Lady.

God bless,
d from Homehaven in the middle of the Kansas Prairie

Maya said...

So dreamy! And I can't get over how gorgeous Positano beach is..., with the houses in the background going up the hill.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Sooo gorgeous! I love that long white ruffled dress. I just ADORE white, even in the wintertime! Such a lovely post Marsha!

Juls~ said...

Holy Bageezus! Look at those incredible photos and the jewelry you've designed alongside all that fashion!

Marsha! You are making me feel frumpy! Come dress me & adorn me with jewels! I demand you! ;))) hehehehe



The Shiny Pebble said...

You do beautiful work, Marsha. I guess some people just have it. You are one of them.


How beautiful! Love the ones of the girls frolicking in the water. And the pearl earrings are lovely! Hope you had a wonderful weekend xoxo

LouBoo said...

Hi - i happen-chanced across your blog - anything with glamour in the title draws me in! These white pictures are just wonderful...they take me to a happy place x