Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Idol Mentors

Harry Connick, Jr.

mentoring this week's American Idol Top 5

I read with interest Gwen Driscoll's post about American Idol,

telling how her family all cluster around the TV
on Tuesday & Wednesday nights,
same as my daughter and myself do.

If you follow AI you already know Aaron Kelly got sent
home tonight, leaving the Top 4, with Lee Dwyse
being the front-runner.

Last year Jamie Foxx mentored the AI contenders
and he did a really fabulous job.
But, no one has ever put in the kind of work
Harry Connick, Jr.
did with these talented voices. 
 And, know what?  It showed.

He actually guided each one of them on how to
sing the songs,  the keys,  and he himself orchestrated
each contestant.

It was magic to see how much this meant to each one of the
AI contestants.

And, if you've been watching up to now,
you already know that each one of them has a
special talent. 

I admit that precious Casey was dreadful on Tuesday,
tonight he sang perfectly. 

Lee, Crystal are contenders.

And, Big Mike?  Who doesn't love Big Mike? 

So whatever happens now we'll be sad to see each of
them walk off the stage.

I hope the producers of AI learn a bit from Mr. Connick's truly
inspired mentoring and ask all mentors in the future to
live up to his standards.

We might not have to worry about it though; with Simon
leaving the show will suffer a huge setback. 

 Ellen is hopeless and I hope she resigns.

Kara & Randy need someone else,
 but not 2 someone elses, you know?

Anyone have a favorite contestant?




We over here have the X Factor which I beleve is coming your way soon. I think some people here can get American Idol if they have satillete TV which I don't.

Take care.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Marsha
If memory serves me Harry baby guest judged out here for a Australian Idol too.. Such a great guy.. love him.. and just watched him in a movie last night!! have a wonderful day.. xx Julie

The Zhush said...

I don't watch the show (I know, I am like the only person in the world who doesn't) but I love that Harry, what a talent!