Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cruising + Necklace Giveaway

the beautiful aquamarine waters of Cayman Islands and Cozumel

I had never been on a cruise until last year...thinking it would
be boring and confining.  My mind was changed completely once on
board the ship.  Since the 1st cruise I've been on a few more & today I
thought I would share with you my impressions bow to stern, top to bottom decks
& naturally, the fashions du jour.

This is what the majority
of arriving cruise passengers look like...

unfortunately, I'm not kidding...
a petulent teenager might be able to get away
with this...no one else can.

The 1st thing you notice is that all of the crew members
are in spit-shined uniforms, the officers in white dress,
and there are 100's of them...for the most part they look better than
the passengers.  But that is not important today.

My 1st mistake was taking entirely too much with me
(as usual), although your luggage is taken from you at the curbside
& delivered directly to your stateroom, with no concern at all
for how high your stacks are.   No excess baggage concerns.

this is the perfect cruise outfit, both to arrive & depart

this photo from Garance Dore of a professional model
also shows the perfect little outfit...


finding your way around the ship will take a really long time,
with so many decks,  there is just SO much to do on board one of these
 mega ships,  but sitting on the deck gazing over the water,
sipping something wonderful,  talking to friends or even talking to complete strangers,
or reading books, magazines is simply the best.

accessories are the key...a few outfits but tons of jewelry, shoes, handbags

there's karaoke, disco, casino, 2-3 showrooms, 22 bars, pools,
golf lessons and a 9-hole putting green,
basketball, jogging track, a 40,000 sq.ft. spa and fitness center,

and a Supper Club on the top deck that is a 5-Star restaurant
with the most magnificient presentations I've seen on Earth
(and I've travelled all my life to the best of the best)...

 the giant beautiful dining rooms both fore and aft,
like this one...

a buffet which goes on forever,
a deli, sushi bar, pizzaria, coffee shop with divine pastries, arcade for the kids,

wine bar, cigar bar, huge cinema on deck  (which I loved).
One thing there isn't:  No boutique for ladies. I was shocked.
No little cute shoes, bags, poo-bahs, just run-of-the-mill junk.

& pools,
which I wouldn't have put one toe into...if you know what I mean?

this precious outfit inspiration from Sasha at
Everything Fabulous...
Scalloped Shorts from Queens Wardrobe

waters of Jamaica (do not get off the ship...believe me)

so, you see, there are opportunities to change clothes 5X a day if you like
...which is the exact reason for today's blog posting, ladies.

our tourmaline bracelet or necklace for that little dress up there

what follows has been "saving the best for last."

the femme fatale in you will want to have something like this,
as dressy as you need to be shipboard...

with this jewelry, of course.  maybe a cuff on each arm?
you're on a cruise after all...

and don't forget our lovely
going on until Saturday evening...


17" Giant Lime Green Seed Pods interspersed with
sterling silver hexigon beads, & giant Bali toggle clasp
which may be worn in the back, front or on the side

Black & Bright Aqua Colors Also Available to the Winner.
Winner selected by random number generator

Rules:  Be or become a follower and tell me why you
would like to win this necklace.

would look really cool on the cruise...




Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha, I always look like that when I cruise! I do love to cruise, so fun and so much to do! Our cruise in February was fabulous and I did it all! Hope you did too!
Can't wait for your drawing for the necklace. I am crossing my fingers big time!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

It's always a pleasure to look at your post, thanks for brightening my day,


La Petite Gallery said...

Think these photo's are so chic. The jewerly is just wonderful. In the mid 1970's I lived
on Palm Island,Miami Beach. Our dining room balcony overlooked the big cruse ships. Took my first cruse. Said to myself never again.
Last year I took the 10 days around the Islands. It was enough for a lifetime. We went
in May and the people were not elegant just there to eat themselves sick with cheap food. I am not made for the masses. Perfer less but the best. I'll fly to Paris for that money.
As you can hear I am not a happy camper my feet are not any better.
Joanny made my day she has a beautiful poem. Check it out.. yvonne

Fer said...

It seems fun!
My post today is for you, go there to check it out.



The Zhush said...

Love all your cruising cruise wear!

Nuit said...

oh!!! you've taken me on a delightful journey... SO NICE! and I agree with all of your outfits, tres chic ;)


Cashon&Co said...

GREAT advice you gave on the glue from a jewelers perspective! thank you! i'm forwarding your blog to my mom. i know she'll love it like i do and the way you match your jewelry to the gorgeous scenery from travels. delicious!

charmaine said...

Hi Marsha,

Wow!! All so lovely as always! You have such beautiful taste! And the jewelry pieces are lovely! Love that necklace! Hope your having a lovely day! :)

God Bless,

Deanna said...

A Cruise would be a fantastic place to relax and get away. What a gorgeous ship!

God bless and may you have a sparkling 4th of July,

The Shiny Pebble said...

I am in! I would love to win it so I can say I won one of Splenderosa's famous pieces. :)
we are having rain in Houston... I'm wondering if it is that pesky hurricane in the gulf (never watch tv anymore). I'd love to go on a cruise... maybe an European cruise since the gulf is a mess right now.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hi,my dear,dear M:-)*

HOW absolutely stunning is you post about cruise...so unbelievebly dream and just keeps me in awe with all you magnifique photos!!!

I hear the sea...I can smell this warm summer wind,I do close my yeas...It's beyond joyfull time!-)))*
Thank you so much,