Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Party in Houston

Today is Catherine's
(The Shiny Pebble/see button right sidebar)

final design of her
Virtual Dining Room Makeover
  featuring the incredibly talented
Interior Designer, Gwen Driscoll
(Ragland Hill Social/on sidebar as well)

each week I have been privileged to select an outfit & a piece
of jewelry which comes from my Splenderosa Studio  for
Catherine to wear when she entertains in her new dining room.

For me this has been so much fun...not at all work of the
sort each designer did,  as they were choosing many elements,
while I only had to choose ONE outfit.

For today, I did think of this one, an Elie Saab...but then...
kept looking...
now mind you, choosing ONE outfit out of 1000's of appropriate ones
has kept me working for hours sometimes, and sometimes
the PERFECT one just jumped right out at me.

I did consider this one, another Elie,  because that precious Gwen
put a beautiful turquoise lamp in the room that tied in the color.
I kept looking.  Not exactly sure what was missing, just knew
it happened yet.  You know how we are.

This is the MAIN color palette I used, and you absolutely must take
time to see what Gwen did because it is stunning. 
Sleek, contemporary, clean but with
an elegant opulence that is Gwen's signature.
I knew these earrings would be my inspiration. They are either copies of
vintage pieces, or they were made to look vintage...either way they are
perfect for that room...and Splenderosa's ladies can create something
almost identical to them.  So that was settled!
And, then.....I saw this...and I hope you will agree

 it needs nothing else, no necklace, no bracelets.
don't know how the pant legs relate to the shoe
but it's beautiful, isn't it? 
and just that little hint of red on the platform...nice.

& for my Centerpiece ladies...
button at the bottom...

Gwen suggested either white or lavender flowers for the table...
voila, here it is with peonies, roses & viburnam
I would change the white pottery container to a
silver container with bone or horn handles because I know this is what Gwen would want.
try to picture it that way...
Hop over to see Gwen's work at Catherine's blog, you will be as excited as I am.


next Wednesday Catherine will host
 Virtual Finale
 Houston, Texas
it is to be a black-tie cocktail buffet affair

please come wearing something you've been dying to wear,
money-is-no-object for a virtual party...
girls just wanna have fun !

we will all link up for this brilliant occasion.

&, of course, Mom-Mom, Chantelle & Chelsea will be attending,
and if we are lucky they will have a few of their friends.
Can you even begin to think how much fun this is going to be?

I think they might have talked Cheri into coming to Texas
from Paris...we will have to wait & see.

Important Business:
A gigantic and big thank you to the beautiful & creative

Coty Farquhar in Australia
(her button is also on the sidebar)
I won the extravagant
of her elegant photographs shown below

 ...thank you thank you thank you, Coty...

And, a major surprise for you...introducing my newest friend in blogland

RoxyCakes in Toronto, Canada
go see what they do, believe me you will gasp with delight


Deanna said...

Hello Marsha, I love the flowing turquoise gown...so lovely. Gorgeous color.

Virtual parties really are fun.

Regina said...

Gorgeous! Love the blue grown.
Enjoy a lovely week Marsha.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...


Those earrings are absolutely divine. I love any vintage or vintage looking jewelry. You are one talented lady. And I'm so glad you picked the outfit you did. It's so chic, just like Catherine. This has really been fun. Sorry it's almost over! Have a great night.

La Petite Gallery said...

This is such a clever post. The outfits are devine, great earrings. Good show Marsha..
like the first onsomble.


Yvonne @ LaPetite Gallery, then wear that onsomble to the party next week...it's yours!

The Shiny Pebble said...

Hello dear. I absolutely adored this post. It is full of fun tidbits all over. Of course I would be happy in any of those fantastic outfits, but the last one topped only by those fantastic earings... Thank you again, my dear for putting so much thought and effort into this project. Your talent is unsurpassed in so many fronts. I hope to see you all at the party.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thank you again for a most lovely coleection of pictures, it's a good start to the day for me looking at your site,

Does that offer you said last week still open about you doing a page on me? if so let me know what sort of things you require,


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Unbelibebly Great Dream World make you for all of us,darling Marsha!-)*

Love you adorable post as always...and these Valentino design is totaly took my breath away,just awesome creation and he is a great Master!!!

All photos here makes awesome atmosphere,i smell the flowers and my heart go jumping!-)))*


FortyNotOut said...

I love both of those Elie Saab dresses..stunning! Great idea for a post!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff! You have such a great eye! Congrats on your win, and I am off to check out Roxy's blog! XO!


That is the one darling! It's gorgeous! Just stunning!

Style Sisters said...

Gorgeous clothes! I love the white pot with the beautiful peonies, roses and virburnam. I would love to sitting at the this table right now! I will check out your new friend's site as well....looks awesome. Thanks for participating in Centerpiece Wednesday!

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

Nice White Bouqet :)

eatlotsachocolate said...

Gorgeous as always. Lose the centerpiece. White is my most favorite, can't get enough of it. Please come back and visit often.
Have a glorious summer!

Kristin said...

Dear Marsha, I love the dresses...so elegant and glamorous!! I have to thank you for your nice comment today! It warmed my heart! And you are so right...I did share too much information! And that's the thing I have learned out of this! Thanks and have a lovely day!!!

Kristin xx

charmaine said...

hi Marsha,
you are just the sweetest person. you are a burst of positivity and i love that! thank you so much for your very kind birthday wish. your words were very touching and kind. i truly appreciate them.

i love this post. those earrings are amazing! and i love Elie Saab! thank you again sweetie!

God Bless,

charmaine said...


me again, your a Gemini too? when is/was your B-day? nice to know that i am in good company!

God Bless,

A Refocused Life said...

Lovely images. You hit all of my favorites - clothes, jewelry, white flowers.

Thanks your note on my last post.

Gypsy Purple said...

Marsha, I just love the Elie Saab...and the virtual party!!!

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Gorgeous gowns and such a wonderful post! :-) Each picture selected is so beautiful. I fell in love with ES blue gown, white bouquet and earrings. :-)

The Zhush said...

It was so fun viewing all of your lovely jewelry selections over at the Shiny Pebble! Off to visit Roxy, thanks for the intro!

Pemberley said...

Those earrings and that centerpiece are perfection! Can't wait until the blog party - I'm handeling the bar!

Isabelle Lafleche said...

Hello Marsha,

Thank you for the funny (and honest) message you left on my blog! I laughed out loud when I read it! You are absolutely right, those bangles don't belong there at all! :o)

Love your blog and the realxing music. Great atmosphere...


Isabelle from Pink Lemonade

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

Ok........Nice Fashion to :)
Can you explain more abaout your idea ??
Your Swedish Friend :)

Leah said...

All these pictures are stunning! Lovely blog!

Desde my ventana said...

Hi Marsha,
Gorgeus post ,I love the firts dress.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Marsha, the dresses and jewellery are beautiful. I adore the Valentino. I must finish watching a documentary on him I started the other day. I love the idea of the virtual party, how does that work? Love Christina xx

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

The Valentino, awww darling, come to mamma, I also love the vintage inspired earrings, although I would say those look authenically vintage.
The Captain will be so excited for the love you send, thank you..