Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What is Always Right?

Black or White, White or Black

no, no not a question of if it's black or white...
but what we can always wear and know for CERTAIN
it's right !!!

as most of you know...
every Wednesday for the past few weeks I've been outfitting
the absolutely adorable & gorgeous Catherine @
The Shiny Pebble blogspot
for her "virtually" redone dining room...

this week...it's either dress...

Calvin Klein Spring 2010

Collette Dinnigin Spring 2010 

Keisi Pearl Multi-Strand with Vintage Pendant
to be worn with either dress

Catherine's own Diamond & Pearl Earrings

& stacks of this bangle bracelet on each arm

and, OMG, these are now on sale for $105 down from $350.
so, of course, these little ones with either dress...

The Shiny Pebble's
Virtual Dining Room Re-Do was done
this week by

go see at

they also provided various ideas for the centerpiece
on the newly designed dining room
so, please,  all of you darlings who participate in the

Style Sisters Centerpiece Wednesday can hop over to
 Catherine's to see what Ada & Darcy did...and
they are professionals...

Click on the Style Sister button to take you to the
other participants of
Centerpiece Wednesday

Tomorrow, Thursday, the winner of the Pink Saturday & Over 100 Followers
will be announced here, I will notify the winner via email.

This was just SO much fun for me!
Thank each & every one of the lovely girls in blogland who make
my daily life so much better.  All of you.


Ellie said...

Love both, but I would chose black! Then again, the occasion would be the deciding factor!!!
Glam either way and so much potential to dress up or down~


Lovely clothes and accessories, I suppose some people live the style of life that requires this fasionable attire.


The Shiny Pebble said...

Ooooooh Marsha, those flip flops are calling my name.... Great picks this week! The Calvin Klein dress is so slenderizing (specially nice when wearing white!) but I adore the cutout and flow of the black one. Decisions, decisions...

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear,dear Marsha:-)*

Such an amazing pearl necklace with vintage pendant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I adore them...

My Love and warmest hugs for you,sweetheart!-)))*


eatlotsachocolate said...

There is nothing more spectacular than Black and White. It makes up most of my wardrobe and these gowns are fabulous. There was a time in my life when I wore things similiar but I am now a country bumpkin and wear my levis most days. Sigh.....I miss those days.
I adore your blog, it's wonderful

The Tablescaper said...

Black and White are soooo great!

Thanks so much for coming to visit! I'm hosting a new meme starting Sunday and I hope you'll join in. It's called "Summer Sundays" and it's all about what summer means to YOU!

- The Tablescaper

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the stack of bangles... FUN!!! Oooh I prefer BLACK.... who doesn't look good in black!

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog..... Håkan

Anonymous said...

Love those flip flops! These would be great to use as inspiration for making your own!! May just have to find some black flip flops!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha my dear, your sense of stype and the way you work your magic with all the accessories is no less than genius.
May I take that necklace for a spin? Love it.
And both dresses are magnificent! I think the models need to eat more, though.
I only wish to aquire a mere bit of your sense of style!
xo Yvonne

Acanthus and Acorn said...

This would be the ultimate indulgence...let someone create a beautiful outfit from head to toe around an interior!!! Love it all, especially the stack of bangles!

Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely...all of it!!


Oh Marsha those Chanel flats are divine!!! What a bargain!

Hope you're having a great week, sweetheart! xoxoxo


Thanks for the visit, also becoming a follower.
I would love you to do a page on me whether you're from Texas or not. What do you want to know? I did write back to you but being half asleep wrote it on my own comment page.