Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bright Bazaar

joins The Shiny Pebble & Splenderosa today.

Will from Bright Bazaar has virtually redone
 Catherine's  (The Shiny Pebble) Family Room

he's used lots of blue and hot pinks

It has been my work today to put Catherine in an outfit
specifically suited to Will's interior...

& remember I could use any designer, any amount of money
for our "dream" project...

this was my 1st choice for the room & for Catherine,
her hair almost looks like this anyway...
but Catherine is young & has a young family, a small son...

& even though I, personally, would wear this look as it appears,
for Catherine
I would change the shoes to turquoise or some other blue
sorta like this....

& turquoise jewerlry

& then I saw this outfit...so let's lose the striped skirt for today,
put the 2 tops with the long skirt...



& add some tribal influences, sorta like this....

& these darling precious sandals...

see The Shiny Pebble button on my right side bar & hop on over to
see what Will came up with for the room....
let me know which version of the outfit you like...
 & if you don't like, tell me...I need input from the people who visit me.

sending xxxx's


  1. Based on the outfits alone...I am already smitten with the whole concept! Turquoise and Gold...such an all time favorite pairing for me!

  2. I like it all. Particularly those last sandals. I'll take those! I actually came here first , so I will have to pop over and check out the room. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. oh my dear - pure loveliness - and I would take the turquoise jewels and shoes in a heartbeat... BUT - I am so in love with look #2 - the green and the tribal jewels and sandals.. Perf...

  4. I am in awe of your inpeccable fashion sense! I'll just follow with whatever you say! YOu are something special! And I LOVE to stop and visit you, dear friend!

  5. Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for your sweet welcome home! It made me very happy. I love all the outfits you chose for catherine. They are so colourful, and those sandals...I wish you could buy them overhere!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Such great looks, my favorite is the second one, Have a sweet day!

  7. Loved the jewellery and the sandals , the clothes were out of this world.
    Another excellent collection.


  8. Love the combo of the magenta and the turquoise. I'd definitely choose a turquoise shoe as well. Love the jewelry as well, especially the second necklace!

  9. If I had to pick one it would be
    hard to decide, they are all fabulous. You have excellent taste Marsha.


  10. Today's post is really great; for whatever reason everything just shouts fabulous!

  11. As much fun as the last one could be, I am a sucker for turquoise jewelry, so the second one is the one for me!!! I think you have come up with three versions that would fit the needs of a 20 yr old all the way to a 60 yr old.

  12. Ok this post is pure yumminess... the turquoise jewelry is unbelievable and the sandal on last image is to die for!! I am sooooo up for jeweled feet! makes me feel like Cleopatra or Hatshepsut ;)

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday Marsha =D

  13. The turquoise speaks to me...beautiful photos~

  14. I love the bright colors and the sandals! Just so cheerful!

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. These outfit pics are perfect for the room! You have a great eye!

  16. I think Catherine would look good in either outfit. The first one is a tad more conservative, but sometimes you are just in the mood for different.

    Marsha- how do you find all of these perfect images?!


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